The Benefits of Owning a NetZero Fireplace: A Guide to Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly Heating Solutions

The Benefits of Owning a NetZero Fireplace: A Guide to Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly Heating Solutions

Feb 28th 2023

Living in a dream home is a wish everybody wants to fulfill. A home with superior aesthetics, comfort, state-of-the-art fixtures and appliances, and recreational spaces is not just luxury anymore but a beautiful retreat from our stressful life outside. However, homeowners have become increasingly conscious of creating energy-efficient abodes to lower energy consumption and are turning to eco-friendly fireplaces, like the NetZero Electric fireplace.

What is a NetZero Fireplace?

NetZero Fireplaces are all about offering a high-quality experience, all the while maintaining minimal to no impact on the environment. These fireplaces boast a number of benefits, like zero reliance on fossil fuels, no emissions, and low energy consumption. These carbon-neutral electric fireplaces have become one of the cleanest heating alternatives offering stunning visuals with life-like flames while lowering energy costs.

Benefits of NetZero Fireplaces:

This revolutionary product is one of the most energy-efficient and eco-friendly heating solutions with easy-installation designs that could transform any space, whether a farmhouse or a condo.

  1. Reduce your Carbon Footprint
  2. Wood-burning fireplaces are a popular option if you are a fan of traditional ambiance and like to enjoy the warmth of a real-life fire. Still, its large amounts of carbon emission have always posed a problem as it is detrimental to the environment. With advancements in technology, NetZero electric fireplaces solve this problem as they are emissions-free and efficient, replicating the look and feel of a real fire. With NetZero electric fireplaces, you are contributing to a healthier environment and saving a lot, as operating these fireplaces is significantly cheaper than a wood-burning fireplace. These fireplaces use renewable energy sources instead of logs of wood, thus giving you a clean and affordable heating alternative.
  3. Enjoy Zone-Heating
  4. Heat only the room you are using and avoid wasting energy by heating the entire place. The 'zone heating' feature makes these electric fireplaces superior to conventional heating solutions. NetZero fireplaces' zone heating can save you up to 40 percent on your energy bills and simultaneously offer warmth and ambiance like any other conventional fireplace. Their efficiency allows them to heat an area as large as 20 by 20 feet without cranking up the central thermostat.
  5. Save Big On Energy Cost
  6. Staying warm can mean something other than blowing lots of money or being wasteful with energy - electric fireplaces are a smart way to digitally control your temperature while saving green. The age-old belief that luxury often comes at a high price is no longer valid with NetZero electric fireplaces. The cost of running this electric fireplace for an hour is significantly lower than gas fireplaces, which cost almost 12 to 19 cents an hour. Alternative energy sources like wind and solar can further change the game for NetZero homes, so considering the fireplace load is essential to make the right choice.

Why Choose Embers Living?

If your dream home needs an upgrade, and that involves buying an eco-friendly, energy-efficient fireplace, Embers Living can offer you options like no other. Embers Living has designs that can brighten up any place and are easily installed in your home, apartment, or condo. The NetZero Fireplace options available in Embers Living are:

NetZero 20" Waterplace Electric Fireplace

The NetZero 20" Waterplace presents an innovative solution to brighten any area, regardless of the environment. With a broad selection of customizable add-ons and 30 bold flame colors, you can experience unique beauty with every flicker of the life-like fire. Designed with easy installation in mind, these fireboxes require minimal effort to get up and running - providing beautiful scenery without the hassle. The dimension of this fireplace is excellent for small spaces, warming your space with 20 hours of continuous flame.

NetZero 40" Waterplace Electric Fireplace

Transform any gathering into an extraordinary and unique celebration with Waterplace Platinum. Get the natural and vibrant look of a real fire without any dangers or mess associated with burning gas or wood logs. The only fuel you need is water - run a direct supply line for constant use or an integrated tank and pumping system that allows you to enjoy up to 20 hours of continuous flame. You can use your smartphone or remote to control the flame height and speed from the comfort of your couch with the touch of a button.

NetZero 60" Waterplace Electric Fireplace

Excellent for heating large spaces, this revolutionary flame system can create up to 20 feet of continuous ribbons of flame by connecting the burners. Every single design allows you to choose from more than 30 shades of colored flames, ranging from subtle pinks and blues to outrageous purple and green. You can buy the Waterplace electric fireplace with platinum burners that provide automatic fueling or draining facilities or opt for standard burners with manual refueling and draining.

Experience the beauty of fire like never before with NetZero Waterplace electric fireplace – the most eco-friendly and energy-efficient heating solution.