BBQ Grills & Smokers

BBQ Grills & Smokers

BBQ Grills & Smokers

Smoking food is a culinary art and the best way to bond with your loved ones. Whether you're a seasoned pit master or a beginner, choosing the right BBQ Grill & Smoker can make all the difference. If you want a traditional cooking style, a barrel smoker may be just what you need. Or you may want to keep an eye on your food from afar, in which case a pellet grill that can be monitored from your smartphone is the way to go. Whatever your preferences, Embers Living can help you find the perfect BBQ Grill with Smoker to suit your needs. With our diverse range of products and trusted brands, you'll be well on your way to creating memories and delicious meals that will last a lifetime.

Gas Grill:

It's hard to beat the classic gas grill when cooking a backyard feast. These grills are easy to use, heat up quickly, and have room for culinary creations. Don't let limited space discourage you from indulging in some delicious backyard BBQ, as plenty of compact models are available. Their added features, such as side burners, sear stations, and even built-in lighting for nighttime grilling, set modern gas grills apart. With plenty of room to cook up a feast for the family, the classic gas grill is a popular choice for backyard cooking. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, the gas grill is essential for all outdoor cooking adventures.

Embers Living offers some of the best gas grills, whether you choose the natural gas grill or propane gas grill. If you want a gas grill with a multifunctional grilling rack, infrared sear station, side burner, rear infrared rotisserie burner, ergonomic backlit control knobs, and folding side shelves so that you can cook up a storm in no time, Napoleon Prestige 500 Propane Gas Grill is the right choice for you. 

However, if you're looking for a grill that you can use in a space with limited or no backyard access, Napoleon natural gas grill is the perfect solution. Napoleon gas grills come with superior features, and its specially engineered air shutter ensures that the perfect mixture of gas and oxygen is achieved, no matter what type of grill you have. 

Electric Grills:

Electric grills are one of the most popular choices among BBQ enthusiasts as they are eco-friendly and easy to use. Outdoor electric grills are versatile appliances that can be used indoors and outdoors. These grills heat up quickly and require less preparation, allowing you to spend less time waiting and more time enjoying your meal. A built-in thermostat makes it easy to maintain an even temperature for perfectly cooked food every time. Outdoor electric grills are safe and secure, with no gas leakage or fumes from charcoal or wood. Their compact, lightweight design makes them easy to move around and take with you, making them perfect for everything from impromptu backyard parties to small apartment balconies.

Our electric grills are equipped with precision temperature control that provides consistent temperatures, ensuring your food is always perfectly cooked. Our models allow you to monitor the grill and food temperatures remotely and help you take your meal to the next level with the help of guided grilling with recipes. With dual-zone grilling, you can grill different foods at the same time and serve various dishes simultaneously. Get ready to become a grilling pro with our electric grills!

Pellet Grills:

The latest addition to the world of BBQ - pellet grills and smokers work with a unique fuel called wood pellets. Made from compressed hardwood sawdust, BBQ pellets come in various wood flavors. An electric auger system feeds the pellets into the fire pot, heating the grill to your desired temperature while you sit back and relax. With a pellet smoker grill, there is no need to constantly monitor, add fuel, or adjust the air vents to maintain the correct temperature. All you need to do is set your preferred temperature, press start, and let your pellet smoker cook.

Transform your outdoor cooking with our high-end grills that feature state-of-the-art digital touch screens, temperature probes for perfectly cooked meals, and even heat settings that provide unparalleled versatility. With our grills, you can cook outside just like you would indoors with an oven. Some models have a spring-assisted hood that makes it easy to access your food, while the option for built-in or fully assembled on a cart gives you the flexibility to choose the best grill for your space. Don't settle for a basic outdoor grill when you can take your cooking to the next level with our top-of-the-line models.

Kamado Grills: 

With the superior heat retention and efficient venting systems, Kamado grills have become an all-in-one solution for outdoor cooking enthusiasts. Japanese mushikamado designs have transformed modern Kamado grills into versatile cooking machines capable of handling every outdoor cooking style. These grills consume less fuel compared to standard charcoal grills or smokers. When smoking meat, the Kamado vent settings prevent excessive air drafting within the grill, resulting in 30% more moisture retention in your food than traditional grills. With its ability to grill, smoke, cook, and roast, our Kamado Joe grill has become the ultimate outdoor cooking companion.

When it comes to grilling, our Kamado Joe grill has everything you need to achieve perfection. With its 304 Stainless Steel Cooking Grates, AMP FireBox, and Kontrol Tower Top Vent, you can cook up a feast like a pro. You can forget the hassle of cleaning up later, as the patented Slide-Out Ash Drawer makes the process a breeze. In addition, the Built-in Thermometer enables you to monitor the temperature of your food and cook it to perfection every time. And when you're done grilling, the Finished Folding Side Shelves/Handle provides convenient storage for your tools, like the Grill Gripper and Ash Tool. So fire up the Kamado Joe and impress your guests with your culinary skills.

Charcoal Grills:

There is something extraordinary about cooking on a charcoal grill. You can achieve high-heat grilling or low-heat smoking, or both with ease. The ability to manipulate the coals to create direct or indirect heat, or even both at once, gives you a level of control unique to these grills. What sets charcoal grills apart is their flavor –the combination of vaporized drippings on the hot coals and wood chips added to the coal bed infuses food with a smoky deliciousness that is hard to beat. Whether grilling burgers, smoking a brisket, or anything in between, a charcoal grill will elevate your cooking game.

We have some of the best charcoal grills offering superior quality, performance, and features. You can opt for the built-in model or a portable charcoal grill and have a thrilling cooking experience while impressing your guests with your grilling skills. 

Grill Accessories:

Once you've found the best smoker BBQ grill to suit your needs, take a look at our grill accessories. Invest in a grill cover to protect your shiny new purchase from the elements and extend its lifespan, while a grill brush will ensure those tasty char marks on your meat and veggies stay intact. A thermometer is essential for food safety reasons to check for proper cooking temperatures. With so many options out there, look at our collection to compare and find the right accessories for your grill.