Best Electric Fireplace for Sale

Best Electric Fireplace for Sale

Aug 30th 2022

When it comes to electric fireplaces, a large variety of products can be found on the market these days. People have specific needs when it comes to their electric fireplaces.

However, the vast array of online products can sometimes be a bit confusing and overwhelming when narrowing down to the important choices and options.

Consumers have become increasingly interested in purchasing an electric fireplace, mainly due to the drop in temperature that seems to happen overnight and without warning.

What better way to battle against the cold breeze than to snuggle up next to the electric fireplace? The electric fireplace is a terrific and modern alternative to a more traditional fireplace that relies on wood or gas. It is an investment that the entire family can and will enjoy for years to come.

An electric fireplace imitates or mimics a typical fireplace but does not involve gas or wood like in the past. The great thing about the new, innovative electric fireplaces is that they can fit areas where older fireplaces used to be, or they can also be placed on a wall.

Most of the time, they plug into the wall and use electricity to light the fireplace instead of wood or gas, which helps to reduce safety concerns and risks. They can be used as heaters to heat small or more significant areas using a small number of kilowatts.

Electric fireplaces come in many designs, including digital, wood burning, and gas fireplaces. Electric fireplaces are perfect for those who want to enjoy a cozy fire on a cold night but don't want to spend time building a fire or heating logs.

A person might be asking themselves how all of this works. Well, that's the simple part! Electric fireplaces can create what looks like a real flame by projecting the flame onto a screen that is usually built into the fireplace - a very cool and interesting feature.

This new and innovative technology has been carefully thought out and planned so that customers can enjoy the idea of a traditional fireplace while also taking advantage of the technological advancements. In other words, creators have taken an old idea and have found interesting ways to make it new once again.

Electric fireplaces come in various models using LED lights to project the simulated flame for the customer's pleasure. Some models use only one set of LED lights, and others rely on using more than that to enhance the idea of the realistic nature of the flames and the depth. It gives the consumer different options and settings, which goes against the mundane concept of a traditional fireplace that does not offer the consumer the ability to change or manipulate the flame.

For instance, the Dimplex series of fireplaces is unrivaled as it brings together the nostalgia of a classic form and the convenience of a modern interpretive design. Its easy-to-use features compliment the sleek lines and angles of the fireplaces' exteriors. Few models come with a thermostatic remote that allows the user to set and program the temperature as per their convenience for any time of day or week and achieve additional control via a convenient WiFi app.

But the real standout feature of the Dimplex fireplace is its proprietary and patent-protected technology that renders ultra-realistic flames and sparks for a virtual fireplace experience like no other. The unique design combines lifelike flickering flames with three-dimensional LED logs that occasionally spark and crackle. This creates a satisfying visual feast and one-of-a-kind experience.

Additionally, there are Dimplex fireplaces that can be connected in a series of cassettes achieving unique linear installations not possible with gas fireplaces. Then, we have the built-in fireplace with a patented mirror effect that increases depth perception, making it appear as if the fire goes on forever. For all these reasons and more, Dimplex fireplaces are quickly becoming the gold standard in home fires!

When choosing the best electric fireplace for the entire family, Embers Living electric fireplaces offer a wide variety of options. Customers can take advantage of these great deals by looking at the sales that Embers Living is running for a limited time.

NetZero 20" Waterplace Electric Fireplace

Beginning first with the NetZero 20" Waterplace Electric Fireplace, it has many different media options, which include clear glass diamonds, clear glass ice cubes, clear sphere glass, and many others.

The product also offers up to a three-year warranty; it has add-ons that can be customized, and installation is also effortless. With more than thirty different flame color options, this fireplace gives the user the beauty of a traditional fireplace without the safety risks.

The NetZero 20" Waterplace Electric Fireplace also has effects that can be controlled and two different sets of LED lights. It also has the option of manual water filling and draining, which is easy to use.

Using a remote or manually pressing the integrated buttons located directly on the electric fireplace, the user can exercise their own set of features and controls, which allows them to customize the electric fireplace to their chosen standards that are best for them.

The electric fireplace can also be controlled with an app directly from the smartphone. Being able to control the app with a smartphone shows that it is much more up-to-date than a traditional fireplace regarding technology.

Lastly, this model has a simple design and goes well with any home. It adds to the beauty of the space and enhances the aesthetics of your immediate surroundings.

NetZero 40" Waterplace Electric Fireplace

This model offers the user a three-year warranty, which is useful for product protection and safety. With many different configurations available and the ability to control the two rows of LED lighting, this option can help the customer feel comfortable and happy in their surrounding environment by adding simple and appealing options.

With this electric fireplace, you can enjoy the ambiance of a fireplace without the hassle. You can choose to heat up and keep the room warm or cool it down when the weather is warm and cozy. Furthermore, you'll save money on gas bills because electric fireplaces are eco-friendly. Try decorating your fireplace with unique décor items such as accents, vases, and figurines to add a different style.

This option shows that NetZero Waterplace should be among your first choices when you want to improve your living and relaxing spaces. It is easy to install, and the price is good for what you get.

NetZero Fire 60" Waterplace Electric Fireplace

This electric fireplace can make the consumer feel safe and warm by offering a rich flame! With add-ons, these products are also customizable. This option allows the user to enjoy different features that are innovative and use cutting-edge technology that is sure to attract many consumers to the product.

The 60" needs a space of at least 60" L x 12.9" W x 11.3" D, but this large fixture gives the user complete control and puts the options for customization right at their fingertips.

With more than thirty different color options, the user can change the color of the flame depending on their mood at that moment in the day. This will improve their immediate surroundings and emphasize beauty and aesthetics.

Also including white oak and birch as the log sets in the electric fireplace, the customizable options range between a standard burner or a platinum one. When it comes to the variety of media, there are also many options, including black glass diamonds, clear sphere glass, and midnight black grass, to make you feel wonderful about your purchase.

Another great thing about electric fireplaces is that they usually have heaters built in to make the cold winter months more bearable. However, working all year around proves that these fireplaces are beneficial beyond just the cold months of the year. Users can enjoy just the flames without the heater by turning off the heat if they don't want to heat the room, which is something many people will appreciate when it's still hot outside, but they want to see the flames for the beauty of the fire itself.

Electric fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular in the consumer market because they look like traditional fireplaces but don't require as much work or mess to set up.

Finally, perhaps the greatest benefit of them all is that there is no actual use of wood or gas, which means no burning. This is important because it highlights the fact that the air is not being contaminated or polluted with smoke.

This is an important aspect when considering an electric fireplace and perhaps stands as the most important reason to purchase an electric fireplace. Moreover, electric fireplaces can be used by people with health conditions like asthma or breathing issues. Using an electric fireplace is just an all-around terrific choice for someone with breathing difficulty and is also effective in preventing air pollution. You can enjoy the flames without considering the varying impacts they could have on the environment we all share.

As an important reminder, this sale from Embers Living will only last until September 12th, 2022. Therefore, it is very important that you take advantage of these offerings.