Charcoal Grills

There is something extraordinary about cooking on a charcoal grill. You can achieve high-heat grilling or low-heat smoking, or both with ease. The ability to manipulate the coals to create direct or indirect heat, or even both at once, gives you a level of control unique to these grills. What sets charcoal grills apart is their flavor –the combination of vaporized drippings on the hot coals and wood chips added to the coal bed infuses food with a smoky deliciousness that is hard to beat. Whether grilling burgers, smoking a brisket, or anything in between, a charcoal grill will elevate your cooking game.

We have some of the best charcoal grills offering superior quality, performance, and features. You can opt for the built-in model or a portable charcoal grill and have a thrilling cooking experience while impressing your guests with your grilling skills.