Best Outdoor BBQ and Grills

Apr 7th 2022

Summer is right around the corner, so it won't be long until barbeque season is in full swing. This year, there are a ton of exciting new outdoor grills on the market, so we figured this would be the perfect time to go over the best-of-the-best new barbecues, grills, and smokers for summer 2022.

1.Napoleon Built-In Prestige Pro 825 RBI Gas Grill

The Napoleon Prestige PRO 825 Natural Gas Grill with a Power Side Burner and Infrared Rear and Bottom Burners is one of the very best RBI gas grills on the market today. The grill looks great with its shiny stainless-steel body, and it also offers enhanced durability and protection from the elements.

The built-in LED spectrum night-light control knobs offer infinite color combinations so that you can customize the look of the grill to suit any backyard design or décor. These awesome lights also allow you to entertain at night. They even glow red if you forget to turn the gas off, a brilliant and practical safety feature.

The grill features the iconic WAVE™ cooking grids, boasting advanced proximity lighting. You can even effectively turn your Napoleon grill into a smoker with the integrated smoker tube and dedicated elements.

On top of all that, the second grill head features two different ceramic infrared burners that can reach blazing hot temperatures in seconds. This feature makes the prestige pro the perfect choice for grilling steaks, pork chops, and anything your heart desires.

2.Weber Grills Genesis EPX-435 Smart Gas Grill

Another excellent option for summer 2022 is the newGenesis smart gas grill. The Genesis smart grill is one of the most advanced grills ever made and represents a whole new level of backyard grilling capabilities.

With the Weber smart gas grill, you can not only roast, but bake, steam, and stir-fry with the help of the new custom-fit Weber grillware sets available with the smart grill.

With the advanced Weber Connect smart technology, you can get food temperature updates in real-time; you can be sure that your food is cooked perfectly, just the way you like it, every single time.

Some of the best features of the new Weber Grills GENESIS smart gas grill include:

  • A WEBER CRAFTED frame that allows you to expand your menu with custom grillware
  • WEBER CONNECT smart technology that will tell you when to flip your meat
  • An extra-large sear zone that allows you to prepare multiple steaks at once
  • An epic night vision lighting system that illuminates the entire grilling surface
  • An expandable top-cooking grate that offers a second level for grilling and smoking

3.Blaze 44" 4 Burner Professional Freestanding Gas Grill with Rear Infrared Burner

Blaze is one of the leaders in the grilling industry, and the new 4 Burner, freestanding gas grill with infrared technology, is a clear example of why that is.

Blaze Professional series grills can achieve unbelievably hot temperatures in only a matter of minutes while maintaining relatively low gas consumption levels compared to other professional brands.

The built-in illumination system offers an uncompromising style that will impress your family, friends, and neighbors and take your backyard to a whole new level. Simply put, grilling at night just became an option.

One of the best reasons to buy a Blaze grill is the lifetime warranty that protects you against defects in the manufacturing process, including burners, grids, frame, flame tamers, heat zones, warming racks, or the control valves. It also covers the ignition system, electronic system, and lighting system for a year.

Some of the best features in the new Blaze 44” 4 Burner Professional Gas Grill include:

  • 18,000 BTUs on each burner, for a total of a whopping 72,000 BTUs
  • A 10,000 BTU rear rotisserie infrared burner
  • A rotisserie kit with a waterproof motor
  • Durable 12mm cooking rods that maximize durability
  • A push and turn flame-thrower ignition system
  • A removable warming rack
  • Heat zone separators
  • Flame stabilizing grids
  • Full-width drip trays with removable baffles
  • Illuminated control knobs
  • Plus, an industry-best lifetime warranty
  • The Professional Series Cart also comes with many awesome features, including:
  • A hefty stainless-steel construction
  • Two drawers for storing your BBQ accessories
  • Two folding side shelves
  • Four solid casters for repositioning the grill

4.Louisiana Pellet Grills Estate 860BI

The new Louisiana Pellet Grills Estate 860BI is an exciting model that will turn your backyard into an oasis of epic meat grilling proportions. Featuring a digital control center with an oven board and a fully programmable meat probe, this new LPGE grill can be the centerpiece in any backyard. The grill features a solid grid construction and an 860 square inch grilling surface, including an impressive 579 square inch main grilling level.

The best thing about the grill is that it offers a versatile grilling experience with air-flow convection cooking capabilities. For a pellet grill, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better option on the market in 2022. The grill even features a proprietary exhaust system that allows you to smoke your meats evenly and perfectly every time.

Some of the best features of the Louisiana Pellet Grills Estate 860BI include:

  • A Digital Control Center with a built-in oven board
  • A fully programmable meat probe
  • A solid grid construction with 304 stainless-Steel
  • An 860 square inch cooking surface
  • 48,000 total BTUs
  • Air flow with convection cooking
  • A 300-Watt auto-ignition system
  • A proprietary exhaust system for smoking
  • One-touch auto ignition
  • Automatic cool down
  • A luxurious stainless-steel body
  • Front drawers with cabinets
  • A large hidden hopper
  • A built-in dome thermometer with a bezel

5.Weber SmokeFire EX4 2nd Gen Wood Fired Pellet Grill

The new Weber SmokeFire EX4 provides the very best old-fashioned wood-fired flavor. With approximately 200-600° temperatures, the range allows you to not only sear but also smoke. With the new Weber Connect smart system, you can guarantee that your favorite dishes will be grilled to perfection every time.

The system features a smart grilling assistant built right into the grill. The assistant can send you notifications about when you need to flip your meat, when the grill reaches the perfect temperature, and when your food is ready.

Some of the best features of the new Weber SmokeFire EX4 Wood Fired Pellet Grill include:

  • A 200-600°F temperature range that allows you to both sear and smoke
  • A luxurious porcelain-enamel finish that helps prevent rust and cracks from forming
  • An extra-large 672 square inch cooking surface
  • The new Weber Connect smart system
  • The ability to control your grill remotely
  • Two meat probes are included with the grill

6.Kamado Joe Big Joe III Ceramic Grill with Cart

The all-new Kamado Joe Big Joe III is one of the most exciting ceramic charcoal grills to come out in a long time. The grill features a design similar to the Classic Joe III but with a new and improved revolutionary SloRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber that allows you to slow cook for extra juicy, super tender steaks every time. The grill also features a three-tier flexible cooking system that enables you to prepare your favorite foods at different temperatures simultaneously.

Some of the best features of the new Kamado Joe Big Joe 3 Ceramic Grill include:

  • A stainless-steel charcoal basket
  • A 24-inch premium ceramic grill
  • An air-lift hinge
  • An AMP firebox
  • A super-heavy duty rolling cart
  • An integrated Hyperbolic smoke chamber
  • A three-tier flexible cooking system
  • Built-in wire mesh fiberglass gaskets
  • A patented slide-out ash drawer
  • And much more

7.Alfresco Grills 30" Luxury Built-In Gas Grill

One of the best new luxury grills for summer 2022 is the Alfresco Grills built-in gas grill. Although the grill is smaller than the other ones we’ve looked at in this article, it is still packed with an impressive 542 square inch grilling surface and two large Accufire main burners.

One of the best features of any grill around, the new integrated mega-drive rotisserie system offers a powerful infrared burner that makes it easy to prepare your favorite side dishes while grilling up restaurant-quality steaks.

Some of the best features in the Alfresco Grills 30" Luxury Built-In Gas Grill include:

  • Two high-performance Accufire™ main burners
  • A Mega-Drive™ rotisserie system with an infrared burner
  • A built-in smoking system
  • A 3-position warming rack
  • Dual integrated halogen lights
  • A push-button ignition system


Thanks to advances in grilling technology, the new 2022 summer lineup of barbecues, grills, and smokers are super exciting. With smart technology, infrared burners, and more power than ever before, these grills represent the very best of what's possible in backyard barbecuing. So, whether you’re looking at outdoor grills and barbeques or you want a new barbeque grill smoker, be sure to check out these and other new models atBlazing Embers today.