Sep 29th 2021

Top 5 Reasons to Add an Electric Fireplace to Your Home

Wondering why an electric fireplace makes a great choice for your home? Well, there are a lot of good reasons why they emerge as the top option among natural gas and wood-burning fireplaces.

Here, we help you with the top 5 reasons to buy an electric furnace.

1. Electric Fireplaces are Affordable

Electric fireplaces are more affordable, energy-efficient, and easy to install when compared with gas or wood-burning fireplaces. Even the top models will prove cost-effective, providing warmth and comfort to your home.

There are two main types of electric fireplaces and they include:

  • Electric Firebox- Smaller and fits almost anywhere
  • Linear Wall-Mount Electric Fireplace- Gives an attractive and clean look on hanging on your wall

Though setting up natural or wood-burning fireplaces has its advantages, they are quite expensive than electric furnaces. For natural gas, setting up venting and gas lines would cost more money and for wood-burning fireplaces, major works like wall construction, chimney building, and masonry will add up more money.

2. Easy to Install

Installation of an electric fireplace is easier and much less restrictive than gas and wood-burning fireplaces. Just plug the electric fireboxes into an electrical outlet, and it’s done! It can’t get much simpler than this! Few electric fireboxes and linear wall-mount electric fireplaces alone will need to be hardwired using a 120V 0r 240V.

If you are setting up a larger-scale feature wall with a linear wall-mount fireplace, the required work is much less than installing a natural gas or wood-burning fireplace.

Setting up a natural-gas or wood-burning electric fireplace involve lots of things like getting building permits, building a fireplace pit and hearth, accommodating gas lines, building a chimney, and messy and disruptive construction

Also, electric fireplaces are a great alternative to rooms that traditionally haven’t accommodated a wood-burning fireplace. Those in apartments and condos can also benefit from these fireplaces.

3. Require Smaller Space

Electric fireplaces take a comparatively smaller space than wood-burning or gas fireplaces in your home. A hung electric fireplace protrudes only 6” to 8” depth space in a room!

The simpler installation of electric fireplaces also provides more flexibility in terms of where they can be fixed. On the other hand, natural gas or wood-burning fireplaces can be fixed only in limited areas available for chimney installation or where the gas lines can fit.

Electric fireboxes also save your space when mounted within your bookshelf, entertainment unit, or other underutilized corners in your home.

4. Convenient & Safe

Electric fireplaces or fireboxes are so convenient that it begins with the simple button press and produces a consistent room temperature through a thermostat control.

Starting a wood fire involves a complicated process that would result in a smoke-filled home, and it is also difficult to maintain your home temperature at a comfortable zone.

When it comes to safety, electric fireplaces are a much safer choice that provides you control over how a fireplace operates. You need not worry about the harmful gases and fires raging out of your control. Besides, many electric fireplace models come with an automatic shut-off feature for more safety.

5. Plenty of Customization Options

Electric fireplaces offer a myriad of customization options to suit your requirements and design tastes. They also come up with different operating features and custom options for your comfort.

Here are some features of electric fireplaces:

  • Remote control
  • On-screen LED display
  • Inner glow logs and ember bed options
  • Thermostat controlled heater
  • Various color themes
  • Authentic-looking flame to create the illusion of natural fire, etc

While these explain the advantages of adding an electric fireplace to your house, there are also a lot more benefits as mentioned below.

  • Electric fireplaces are eco-friendly which use only a small amount of electricity and have zero emissions.
  • They are portable and easy to operate.
  • Electric fireplaces enhance and complement your home décor with limitless design possibilities and customization options.
  • Low or no maintenance is required for electric fireplaces. The only cleaning involves wiping down the front glass. Besides, you can do this occasionally, just as you would do for other surfaces in your home.
  • With easy installation, electric fireplaces are easier to move if you decide to shift to a new home or location.
  • Electric fireplaces are highly energy-efficient, and you can use them around the year by simply turning off the heat function during summer or late spring. And this will not cost you extra with the heat off.

The Best Fireplace for Your Home

Natural gas or wood-burning fireplace may work better with their advantages and you would never want to replace them for the warmth, and ambiance they provide. But, the above-mentioned factors are some of the best reasons why you could buy an electric fireplace.

With winter fast approaching and holidays coming up, be prepared to make your home warmer and more welcoming with an electric fireplace from at the best price.

If you’re still wondering which fireplace you should get this winter, watch this video of the top five electric fireplace collections to help you choose the best one that fits your room.