Apr 23rd 2019

Three Features the Best Built-In Gas Grills Have

Grills are a staple appliance to purchase for improving one’s home, and one of the most popular ‘big ticket’ gifts for Dad or Grandpa on Father’s Day. The convenience and control offered by gas grills offsets their increased cost, but the impressive value afforded by a gas grill needs to be properly understood and researched. The best built-in gas grills always require care to select, because they represent a greater commitment than a free-standing unit. These are five of the features included in modern built-in gas grills that you should keep a sharp eye out for before you make a decision.

Before you even begin looking at grills, you should make a decision about who you’re looking to get one from. The company you buy your grill from makes a huge difference, because a grill is never just one purchase: you also have to account for installation, maintenance, accessories, and everything else that might come up. For this, you need to find a professional you can talk to. A good example would be Embers Living, a small business that keeps experts on the phone at all times. By starting small and working up as their capacity to provide more stock at better value increased, they carved a niche for themselves. Their owner personally reviews orders before shipping is done to make sure his customers get all the parts they need, and they pride themselves on being available to their customers to assist and ask questions before a purchase is made. In some ways, this can matter more to the end consumer than the manufacturer of the grill. At the top of the market, the best built-in gas grills will have similar performance, but the companies selling them will not, making it better to choose someone trustworthy and transparent.

The feature to look for before you start examining the bells and whistles is the foundation of the grill: what is it made of? The word you want to look for is always ‘stainless steel’. Stainless steel is the industry standard for a number of components. It is popular in the structure of the best built-in gas grills because it is resistant to rust and generally reliable in all sorts of weather; it’s very likely to outlive the house it’s built into. Stainless steel is very popular in burners because of how evenly and efficiently it distributes heat, allowing for better cooking quality and control in the hands of a skilled grillmaster. While lesser materials are acceptable for individual components like cabinet covers or hoods, you always want stainless steel making up the majority of your grill.

Something you’ll want to ask an expert about is always the distribution of heat provided by the grill. This is something that will vary from grill to grill. However, an even distribution of heat is the primary advantage offered by a gas grill over a charcoal grill. In many ways it is the entire reason to choose gas over charcoal. Most manufacturers have their own methods to ensure an even distribution of heat, and so it’s best to simply get in touch with someone who has experience and a knowledge of multiple methods. You’ll want a neat, even distribution of heat so that you can more easily regulate temperature, allowing you to use the grill for vegetables as well as meats.

One of the best features possessed by the best built-in gas grills is entirely optional, but nevertheless something important to consider before making a purchase, and that’s a built-in smoker. The information age is making smoking a more popular option as recipes spread and make it simpler to learn. Having a built-in smoker diversifies what you can do with your grill, but most importantly, it combines two major appliances into one unit. This saves on space, money, and time in the long run as compared to buying your grill and smoker separately. If you have no interest in smoking meats at all, or already have a smoker you’re satisfied with, you can safely ignore the prevalence of built-in smokers. However, it’s otherwise a very important feature to consider.

If you’re looking for the best way to improve your backyard space, getting one of the best built-in gas grills can dramatically improve your ability to entertain guests. Do your due diligence before deciding on a product, and always consult an expert to check your work before you spend any money--or better yet, go to a merchant that will consult with you proactively to make sure your needs are met. The details to look for are always those that are hard to talk up in the marketing copy, like the components of the grill, the long-term ramifications of your purchase, or who will be on the phone to back you up and get you the information you need.