Apr 19th 2019

Modern Advantages of a Built-in Propane Grill

Propane grills are a staple of outdoor entertaining and personal cooking. As their availability has increased with the increasing popularity of online shopping and information about them, they’ve become much more convenient to acquire. There are more brands on the market than are ever available in a single store or locality, and more features and options than the average big box retailer will want to stock. However, this is true for both free-standing and built-in propane grills. For years, magazines sold built-in grills as a feature of homes you might purchase or a matter of style, rather than a practical investment. The following are some advantages to built-in grills that aren’t widely marketed.

Something completely unique to built-in propane grills is their ability to integrate seamlessly into the exterior of your home. Free-standing grills take up space on your deck or porch that has to then be worked around. They’re frequently unsafe to place against walls and can be very difficult to place conveniently. Built-in grills don’t share this problem. They can be built into a kiosk against the wall of your home or integrated into an island that becomes a part of your yard’s topography. Rather than being an appliance in the middle of your outdoor space, it becomes a part of the space. This makes them much more elegant and keeps them from seeming as though they are in the way, a subtle touch that nevertheless gives them a great edge.

While it is very difficult to include in marketing materials, a distinct advantage of built-in over freestanding grills is the expertise of those that sell them. Built-in grills require a great deal more attention than freestanding grills. If you purchase a freestanding grill from the average big box store, you can expect that the folks on the sales floor will be able to inform you about the features of the products there, but they won’t necessarily have deep knowledge about the industry, different brands, different materials, and so on. These are all things that require a degree of specialization and experience that can’t be duplicated by department store training materials. For this, you’d want to look into a company like Embers Living, which specializes in quality items and supporting their customers. Their owner actually contacts customers before orders are sent out if he perceives any potential issues that might result in dissatisfaction, averting inconveniences before they can happen rather than simply selling the remedy after-the-fact. This sort of service is much more easily found among retailers willing to undertake the sale of built-ins, and carries over to support for the unit after it is installed, assistance selecting accessories, and generally meeting your home improvement goals.

Durability is a feature of any quality product, but it uniquely applies to built-in propane grills. Built-ins are built to last in a way freestanding grills simply can’t be. Because they are designed to be permanent installations, their durability is also a feature of the location they are attached to. The frames and stands of a freestanding grill are one of the first things to show signs of wear, and this causes wear on the heating elements and other components in turn. This is especially true in climates that have vastly disparate summers and winters, where the metal will expand and contract a great deal over a long period of time. A built-in propane grill will withstand these stressors over time much more reliably because they are attached to the walls of a home or built into an island that isn’t subject to them. To a lesser extent, durability is also improved because there are fewer exposed components such as propane lines or the tank itself, and the moving components such as cabinets for barbecue tools will have more solid anchor points. All-in-all, a built-in unit doesn’t just withstand wear-and-tear better, it minimizes it. The effort put into installation is saved on the effort that won’t be required for repair or replacement.

Built-in propane grills represent a huge undertaking. They can’t simply be assembled like a freestanding grill, they have to be properly installed. However, they make for a far more valuable improvement to your outdoor entertainment space. They can be a simple individual unit, or they can contribute the centerpiece to an outdoor kitchen. If your region has temperate weather that allows for year-round outdoor fun, a built-in grill can serve as a great investment you’ll use every week, if not multiple times a week. Always go through the right business when you make the leap though, and make sure you have the support you need to get the most out of your product and save the most trouble. A specialist like Embers Living can provide you with the service and attention you’d expect from a brick-and-mortar local business with the advantages of a larger retailer.