Feb 28th 2019

Heat Your Home with a Direct Vent Gas Stove

Heating a home can be expensive, especially during the winter months, when cutting back on heating means sacrificing your family’s comfort. Inefficient heating systems can even cause drafts that suck away the same heated air they produce, driving your bills ever higher as you overuse the system in order to keep warm. Thankfully, there’s a better way. A direct vent gas stove is built without heating drafts, making it a much more cost effective and efficient method of heating your house than any open faced fireplace. With their compact forms and elegant designs, these stoves are also more space efficient, and fit easily and beautifully in any home.

A direct vent gas stove features a dual-pipe system that is versatile, meaning the exhaust pipe can either exit the home horizontally or vertically, allowing for more placement options within the home. Unlike other systems, a direct vent system draws in fresh air from outdoors, rather than from the room the system is in. This allows the stove to radiate heat out into a room, instead of creating a draft like non-direct vent systems do as they take in a room’s air and expel most of the heat out of their exhaust. The direct vent system can heat a home far more efficiently than other systems, allowing you to enjoy a pleasantly warm living space as well as lower heating bills. Plus, you may even increase the value of your home by installing any of our beautiful gas stove models.

At Embers Living we carry a wide variety of gas stoves from trusted manufacturers such as Hampton, Napoleon, and Vermont Castings. Each of these stoves combines classic elegance with state-of-the-art heating features, all offered at highly affordable prices. Browse our selection of gas stoves and explore various color options, model designs, and added features such as blowers or remote temperature adjustments, and find the perfect gas stove to match your home decor.

Take for example the Hampton® H35 Gas Stove, an elegant classic style stove that comes in three different color options. Choose from Charcoal Gray, Timberline Brown Enamel, or Seaside Sand Enamel for this large cast iron and ceramic glass unit. With an integrated accent light and decorative glass grille, this gas stove offers a realistic wood fire appearance as it heats your home with either natural gas or liquid propane. And with an electronic ignition system, you can save on fuel, as the stove won’t run its pilot light when it isn’t in use. There’s no need to worry in the case of a power outage, however – the Hampton® H35 Gas Stove features a back-up battery to power the electronic ignition system during even the worst winter storms. This model also features a programmable remote control, so you can set your fireplace to come on at your preferred temperature whenever you like.

For a more unique design that is sure to be the focal point of any room, examine the Napoleon Havelock™ Gas Stove - Millivolt Ignition - GDS50. This beautiful ornamental direct vent gas stove is not only a gorgeous art piece, but features a triple state-of-the-art burner system that runs even through power failures to provide your home with superior heating. The built-in blower then circulates that heat throughout your home, effectively spreading the warmth to increase living comfort. Customize your beautiful Napoleon Havelock™ Gas Stove - Millivolt Ignition - GDS50 with various decorative details, from a variety of door options such as a Satin Chrome or 24k Gold plated door and matching accent bars, to AMBIENT-GLOW Embers, as well as your choice of temperature control means, from remote controls with digital screens to a digital wall mounted thermostat.

Finally, for those who are seeking a superior control, the Vermont Castings Radiance Direct Vent Gas Stove w/ Total Signature Command places ultimate control in the hands of the user. This traditional, high quality cast iron gas stove features a Smart Mode ® thermostat which will automatically maintain your preferred temperature. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to make adjustments with a TSFSC Full Function Touch Screen remote control. Use this remote to set your blower’s speed, alter the flame height, and adjust the thermostat to whichever setting you like. The Vermont Castings Radiance model is available in four stylish colors – Classic Black, Biscuit Enamel, Majolica Brown Enamel, or Bordeaux Enamel – along with the option of matching warming shelves. Store your winter gloves, hats, and scarves on these shelves to warm them up before heading out into the bitter cold, and take a little of that homey warmth with you thanks to your new gas stove.

These are just a few of the high quality, highly affordable options we carry here at Embers Living. Explore our collection of gas stoves for other top of the line brands and models, and find the perfect sized stove to carry your home through the winter.