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Great Selection of Wood Fireplaces for Sale from Embers Living

Feb 21st 2019

There is a certain ambience that is created from a traditional fireplace. It simply makes a home that much cozier and comfortable and adds a special touch to the decor. Fireplaces can come in various shapes, sizes and styles, ranging from simple and clean to elegant and extravagant.

There are many places in your home that can be a great spot for a fireplace and there are indoor and outdoor options of wood fireplaces for sale.

No matter what kind of fireplace you enjoy or what style you want to go with, there are certain things you need to consider before you make the purchase and add a fireplace to your home.

Make Sure You Have Access to Fire Wood - Before buying a fireplace, you should know what kind of wood works best and that you have access to so you can keep supplying for your fireplace all season. Some of the best trees for fire wood include sugar and red maple, hickory, oak and beech. These hardwood trees can produce the best wood that burns longer and produces more heat. Use the resources around you to find out what wood is accessible. Wood should also be seasoned, letting it dry out for six months to a year before being burned. This creates less air pollution and creosote in the chimney.

Choosing Fire Wood - There are different types of wood that have a different effect on a fire, such as how long it lasts and how much it gives off in fumes and heat. You can choose the fire wood based on how long you want the fire to burn. You can opt for a wood that will keep a fire burning for several hours, a quick-burning wood that lasts only for several minutes to maybe an hour or you can choose a wood that gives off an aroma that scents the entire room.

Have a Place to Store Wood - For wood to become seasoned and dry, you need good circulation. Having a shed with sides or rows with tarps to store wood is one option or you can stack the wood on something to keep it off the ground.

Heating with a Wood Fireplace Requires Minor Labor - You will have to prepare wood for burning, so you will need to cut and split wood to heat your home. Wood fireplaces also require attention every six to eight hours.

A Fireplace is an Investment - Adding a fireplace to your home comes at a bit of a cost, but it is about the rewards and enjoyment you will get out of it that is the true value. A fireplace will need to be maintained and you will need to gather the wood and do a little work to get a fire going, so you want the fireplace to have longevity and get the most out of it.

Of course, it is important to remember that safety comes first. Wood fireplaces that have a fire burning cannot be left alone and a fire should be out for several minutes before you are able to leave the room. Ashes can remain warm and can be re-sparked if a fire is left unattended. Wood fireplaces also require regular care, like annual maintenance, to remain clean and safe.

At Embers Living, there is such a large selection of wood fireplaces for sale. We have many different fireplaces available so you find the one that fits your home the best, is suitable for your needs and that looks good to enhance your home landscape and be a welcome addition to your house. A few of the brands we have in stock include Astria, Grand Canyon, Majestic, Napoleon and Osburn.

Embers Living is an outdoor living and fireplace company based out of Denver that puts the focus on finding the right products for people who want to get in touch with the outdoors. Our focus is to provide customers with products that are efficient and affordable while also creating an experience that becomes fully immersive, educating customers on products and making shopping easy.

We are always prepared and ready to help you with your questions. We know that a fireplace is a significant purchase and want to make sure you get the right one for you, a fireplace that will last a lifetime with your home and be used for relaxation and warmth. If you have questions about any of the wood fireplaces for sale or the different types of fireplaces available at Embers Living, give us a call at 805-952-5440 or 303-800-5659 or feel free to contact us by filling out the form on our contact page.

Get a new way to provide some heat and an added view that completes your home with the purchase of a brand new wood fireplace for sale. Check out the selection at Embers Living.