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Finding the Right Built In BBQ Grill at Embers Living

Dec 21st 2018

For any true lover of outdoor grilling, the place where he grills is his natural sanctuary, and the tools he uses are the foundation of that sacred place. A master griller deserves a high quality built in BBQ grill to perfect his craft, at a price that leaves plenty in the bank to stock his table. Embers Living hosts a wide collection of beautiful, top of the line, value priced built in grills from several top quality name brands. Browse through our collection of grills from American Outdoor Grill, Firemagic, Blaze, Profire Grills, Summerset, and several more, and watch our informative videos in the grills’ product descriptions to find the perfect grill for your outdoor paradise.

For a top quality gas fueled built in BBQ grill, the American Outdoor Grill 36" T-Series Built-In Barbecue is a wonderful simplistic choice. With three spread out burners, this 36” grill is the largest of American Outdoor Grill’s models, and features a spark igniter for each burner. The push-to-light piezo ignition system of the T-Series eliminates any need for electricity or batteries, granting you more versatility when choosing where to install the grill. The grilling space itself features stainless steel grates and three u-shaped stainless steel burners that are backed by a 15 year warranty, so you can enjoy perfectly grilled meats for years to come. And, if you’re partial to rotisserie style cooking, be sure to equip the optional rear burner and rotisserie kit when you order.

If 36 inches simply aren’t enough for you, consider instead the larger Profire PFDLX Series - 48″ Stainless Steel Hybrid Grill Head by Profire Grills. This sleek model features a secondary cooking surface, providing a 270 square inch cooking area in addition to the 966 square inch main cooking area, all of which is lit up by interior halogen lights. The model also combines high quality stainless steel burners with a 9”x14-4/4” infrared burner to give you the best grilling experience possible. Capable of creating intense heat, infrared burners seal meat juices in, keeping your grilled steaks and burgers tender and delicious. Meanwhile, the double layered heavy-duty stainless steel lid locks that heat inside while maintaining a cooler outer temperature, so all the cooking happens on the inside. The commercial grade cooking grids are built with 5/16” thick rods that are spaced to accommodate any smaller items you wish to grill, and both the grids and the polished mirror finished lid come with a lifetime warranty.

Embers Living carries many grills in various shapes and sizes, each with their own design, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your ideal vision. The Firemagic Legacy Series- Deluxe Gourmet Drop-In Grill one of the most uniquely designed of all our collection. The most affordable of the FireMagic lines, this built in BBQ grill features a drop in grill that only FireMagic offers. This grill offers a 23” x 16” cooking surface with cast stainless steel burners that are backed by a 15 year warranty, giving the Firemagic Legacy Series- Deluxe Gourmet Drop-In Grill a long life in your favorite grilling area.

Another highly unique top-quality grill in our collection is the Summerset 36" American Muscle Grill Built-in. For this beautiful model, it’s all about functionality. Unlike any other grill, this liquid propane or natural gas fueled grill comes equipped with a Multi-Fuel Tray System that allows you to grill over any traditional fuel you prefer. Get all the flavor of a charcoal grilled steak by simply filling the tray with charcoal fuel and lighting the grill with the dual spark flame-thrower ignitions. You can even double up on fuel, combining gas with wood chunks, pellet fuels, or charcoal for more heat control while still infusing your favorite flavors.

Finally, if you want to ditch the gas all together and cook entirely on charcoal fuel, the Blaze 32" Charcoal Grill built in BBQ grill is the grill for you. This highly affordable value priced grill is built with 304 stainless steel components that are highly durable and ensure a lengthy life of fine grilling. The double-lined hood traps heat inside the grilling space and protects the outer space. The grill features an easy hook and hang system so you can add charcoal and wood fuel while you’re cooking. And once your meals are all grilled to perfection, clean up is made simple and easy thanks to the pull out ash pan.

At Ember’s Living we make it our goal to help you get the best quality grill equipped for your grilling needs. Our team of professionals are highly experienced and always happy to help you make the right choice. We check over every order to make sure nothing is out of place, and we’ll gladly answer any and all questions you have on our products when you call us at 805-952-5440 or 303-800-5659.