Memphis Grills Beale Street Pellet Grill with Cart

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Memphis Grills Beale Street Wifi Pellet Grill w/ Cart - Stainless Steel Pellet Grill

Memphis Grills Beale Street Pellet Grill with Cart

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The Beale Street offers the versatility of the Memphis Flagship brand at a price point that fits most budgets. In addition, the Beale Street brings the same precision and confidence to the art of wood fire grilling. The Beale Street offers dependability and can deliver a perfect meal every time utilizing the proprietary technology of the Memphis Wood Fire Grill’s Intelligent Temperature Control (ITC).

  • Smoke, grill, bake, sear, and roast

  • Convection oven cooking

  • 180 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Cooking surface 558 to 817 sq. in. (optional grate)

  • Cloud based Wi-Fi*

  • 12 lb pellet hopper capacity

  • Cabinet for storage

  • Open flame option

  • Part Number BGSS26


Features & Benefits



From the very best pizza ovens in Rome to the most highly-acclaimed steakhouses in America, Japan, and Argentina, top chefs point to wood fire as the real culinary game-changer.


Thanks to the 4″ convection fans built into every Beale Street, the Beale Street Carts and Built-ins are true high-end convection ovens. Grill chamber design and advanced engineering combine to create even circulation of heat – no rotisserie is needed!



The Memphis Mobile App allows you to monitor the grill and food temps on the Beale Street when you’re away from your grill. Easily check your food from home, work, or your car (the passenger seat, of course).


Our superior craftsmanship and strict adherence to manufacturing standards guarantee products with unbeatable reliability, durability, and temperature accuracy in any climate or weather condition. 



One 20 lb. bag of Memphis Wood Fire pellets lasts approximately as long as a tank of propane and costs the same. At 350 degrees, the Memphis burns approximately 1.3 lbs. of pellets per hour, up to 15% longer than a tank of propane at about the same price.



Temperature Range

 180 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit

Convection System

 Convection Cooking System

Cooking Surface

 558/817 sq. in. (optional grate)


 160 lbs


 Dual Wall, Sealed


 430 Stainless Steel

Fuel Hopper

 12 lb pellet hopper capacity


 51" (height) x 48-½" (width) x 29" (depth)

Memphis Wood Fire Grills Limited Warranty Memphis products manufactured by Memphis Wood Fire Grills carry a seven (7) year Limited Warranty from the date of purchase by the original owner against defects in material and workmanship. Electronic and electrical components carry a three (3) year replacement warranty when subjected to normal residential use. Limited Warranty does not apply to burn pot, meat probe, grill cover gaskets or damage caused by corrosion. The meat probe is under Warranty for 30 days from the date of purchase. The Beale Street Grill Limited Warranty The Beale Street Grill carries a five (5) year Limited Warranty from the date of purchase by the original owner against defects in material and workmanship. Electronic and electrical components carry a two (2) year replacement warranty when subjected to normal residential use. Limited Warranty does not apply to burn pot, meat probe, grill cover gaskets or damage caused by corrosion. The meat probe is under Warranty for 30 days from the date of purchase. Conditions of Limited Warranty During the term of the Limited Warranty, Memphis Wood Fire Grills’ (MWFG) obligation shall be limited to replacement of covered, failed components, F.O.B. point of shipment. MWFG will repair or replace parts returned to MWFG, freight prepaid, if the part(s) are found by MWFG to be defective upon examination. MWFG shall not be liable for transportation charges, labor costs, or export duties. Except as provided in this CONDITIONS OF LIMITED WARRANTY, repair or replacement of parts in the manner and for the period of time stipulated hereunder shall constitute the fulfillment of all direct and derivate liabilities and obligations from MWFG to you. The Warranty coverage begins on the original date of purchase as stated on the sales receipt. Warranty Registration and proof of original date of purchase is required to validate the Limited Warranty. Repair or replacement of the MWFG component does not extend the Limited Warranty. Pouring hot liquids on or in your MWFG product will void this warranty. Any modifications including holes, screws, and any other sheet metal changes to the product will void this warranty. MWFG takes every precaution to utilize materials that retard rust. Even with these safeguards, the material can be compromised by various substances and conditions beyond MWFG control. High temperatures, excessive humidity, chlorine, industrial fumes, fertilizers, lawn pesticides and salt are some of the substances that can affect metals and metal coatings. For these reasons, the Limited Warranty DOES NOT COVER RUST OR OXIDATION, unless there is a loss of structural integrity on the grill component. Should any of the above occur, refer to your Owner’s Manual maintenance section for finish protection. MWFG recommends that you purchase a MWFG full-length protective cover for your grill when not in use. The Limited Warranty is based on residential use. Warranty coverage does not apply to products used in commercial applications. Shipping costs for the product is not covered by the Warranty. Exceptions to the Limited Warranty There is no written or implied performance warranty on MWFG Products as the manufacturer has no control over the installation, operations, cleaning, maintenance or the type of fuel burned. This Limited Warranty will not apply if your product has not been installed, operated, cleaned and maintained in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Burning anything other than Premium Grade BBQ wood pellets may void the Warranty. Memphis recommends using Memphis Wood Fire Pellets. The Warranty does not cover damage or breakage due to misuse, improper handling or modifications. NEITHER THE MANUFACTURER, NOR THE SUPPLIERS TO THE PURCHASER, ACCEPTS RESPONSIBILITY, LEGAL OR OTHERWISE, FOR THE INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGE TO THE PROPERTY OR PERSONS RESULTING FROM THE USE OF THIS PRODUCT. ANY WARRANTY IMPLIED BY LAW, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANT‐ABILITY OR FITNESS, SHALL BE LIMITED TO ONE (1) YEAR FROM THE DATE OF ORIGINAL PURCHASE. WHETHER A CLAIM IS MADE AGAINST THE MANUFACTURER BASED ON THE BREACH OF THIS WARRANTY OR ANY OTHER TYPE OF WARRANTY EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED BY LAW, MANUFACTURER SHALL IN NO EVENT BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, INDIRECT, CONSEQUENTIAL OR OTHER DAMAGES OF ANY NATURE WHATSOEVER IN EXCESS OF THE ORIGINAL PURCHASE PRICE OF THIS PRODUCT. ALL WARRANTIES BY MANUFACTURER ARE SET FORTH HEREIN AND NO CLAIM SHALL BE MADE AGAINST MANUFACTURER ON ANY ORAL WARRANTY OR REPRESENTATION. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, or limitations of implied warranties, so the limitations or exclusions set forth in this Limited Warranty may not apply to you. This Limited Warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights, which vary from state to state. The Memphis Limited Warranty for seven (7) years and the Beale Street Limited Warranty for five (5) years are in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied, at law or other‐ wise, and MWFG does not authorize any person or representative to assume for MWFG any obligation or liability in connection with the sale of these products. This means that no warranties, either expressed or implied are ex‐ tended to persons who purchase the product from anyone other than MWFG or an authorized MWFG Dealer or Distributor. Procedure for Warranty Service Complete Warranty Registration here or mail the Warranty Registration Form at the end of this Owner’s Manual. Contact your nearest Memphis Grills and/or Beale Street Grill dealer for service and/or part replacement as stated under the conditions of the Limited Warranty. Be prepared to provide the following: purchaser’s name, date of purchase, copy of dated sales receipt, model and serial number of product and an accurate description of the problem. We strongly recommend you first contact your nearest Memphis Grills and/or Beale Street Dealer for sales and service. If further assistance is needed call Memphis Wood Fire Grills Customer Service and Technical Support at 1‐888‐883‐2260.
Large (34 -42 Inches)
Made in USA:
Total Cooking Capacity:
501-1000 Sq. Inches
Smart Control: