Oct 2nd 2020

Wondering Why People Buy Gas Fireplaces?

There are some people who would just never replace a wood burning fireplace or stove. To them, the complete ambiance and effectiveness of a wood burning stove or fireplace cannot be topped. They add warmth, ambiance in the form of light, sound and smell, and they are practical and personal. You have to tend and rear each and every fire, and care for the bed of coals if you wish to resuscitate it later.

Gas fireplaces are not like this, but there are a lot of good reasons that some people prefer them. Whether you are just interested in learning more about them, or you want your own personal justification for investing in one, here are some of the best reasons out there that people buy gas fireplaces.

They’re Cost Effective

First up, there’s a lot of cost effectiveness wrapped up in gas fireplaces. Not that wood is expensive, but all things considered, if you are just burning the fireplace for the ambiance, then you might be able to save some.

Wood requires time to be seasoned and it needs to be properly stored and cared for as well. That same can’t be said for gas. Plus, you can burn a gas fireplace for hours and it won’t rack up too much of an expense.

They’re Efficient

A lot of the efficiency of a fireplace has to do with its organization and construction, and many fireplaces lose the vast majority of their heat right out of the flue. That’s one of the reasons that wood burning stoves are so effective, because they release a lot of their heat right into the room.

Gas fireplaces lose a lot of heat through the flue, too, but some models, like vent-free fireplaces, release their heat directly into the room. In addition, there are a lot of gas fireplaces that have powerful blowers that can circulate the heat back into a living space.

They’re Convenient

Perhaps more than either of these two former points, there is the simple fact that gas fireplaces are enormously convenient, and in a number of different ways at that.

In the first place, you can light most gas fireplaces with the push of a button. The height and brightness of a gas fireplace can be controlled nearly instantaneously, in the same manner. Compare that to a wood fireplace that needs to be built carefully and nurtured.

In addition, you can shut a gas fireplace off just as quickly and you’ll have nothing to worry about. A wood fireplace can’t be put out at the drop of a hat, but a gas fireplace can.

They’re Clean

Additionally, gas fireplaces are much cleaner than wood fireplaces, and as a result they need less maintenance, which we will claim separately, below.

Well seasoned wood can be fairly clean up to a certain point, but it will still produce some measure of soot and carbon build up on the walls of the fireplace and in the chimney.

Natural gas and propane, by comparison, burn very clearly and produce almost no waste whatsoever. At the very least, your chimney will stay cleaner with a gas fireplace than with a wood fireplace.

They’re Low Maintenance

Because natural gas and propane burn so cleanly, gas fireplaces require little maintenance compared to wood fireplaces, which need to be cleaned once a year and sometimes more. By contrast, a gas fireplace might need attention less than once per year.

They’re Versatile

On top of the fact that there are so many different types of gas fireplaces, they are versatile in how you use them. Sometimes you only need the light but don’t want to circulate the heat around the room, allowing it to vent through the flue.

At other times, you might want to operate the fireplace for the heat. Either way, you can control the light, brightness, and to a degree the heat, with the utmost of ease.

They Can Be Safer

Wood fireplaces are plenty safe when they are operated with care and attention, but another reason people buy gas fireplaces is because they don’t throw sparks and can be shut off immediately. By contrast, a wood fire is likely to burn hotter, can throw sparks, requiring a screen, and needs a lot more careful attention. This is something else to keep in mind when evaluating fireplaces for your home.

There are other reasons that people buy gas fireplaces, and if you want to learn more about their unique features or just see more of what we offer in terms of models, get in touch with our team.

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