Feb 10th 2020

Why You Should Invest in a Linear Electric Fireplace

This time of year, it is not a surprise to be receiving holiday greetings and wishes for a happy and healthy new year. In many of the cards and letters you receive may be images that feature a warm and cozy fireplace. It can get you thinking about that setting and bringing something similar into your home.

If you don’t have a fireplace in your home, it is something you should consider investing in during the new year. An electric fireplace can be the perfect choice for you.

Today, we will look at some of the reasons that you should make the investment to have a linear electric fireplace in your home and try to create that same scene in your home.

No Smoke Involved - An electric fireplace takes the flammable materials out of the picture, which means you are not burning wood and running the risk of sparks or fumes creating problems in your home. There is no smoke or embers so that leaves you, which can make for cleaner air and safer usage. If you have guests regularly or are raising a family and want safety to be a top priority, choosing an electric option can be the solution to keeping your home safe and clean.

Easy to Start - Sometimes, you may want to be by a fire but not have a lot of time. It can take you enough time to get a fire going and before you know it, you have to work again to put it out and you spend the majority of the time doing work and not relaxing as you should. A linear electric fireplace is easy to start with the simple flip of a switch, push of a button or remote control. You can get a fire going in minutes and stop it whenever you would like.

Perfect for Any Home - You may think about adding a fireplace but push the thought aside because your house is not constructed with a chimney or space for a fireplace. An electric fireplace can be your solution. You don’t need to have any special structure or chimney set up and the size of your home does not matter. It is easy to install so a linear fireplace can be an option for any home.

Energy Efficient - A traditional fireplace may look nice, but a lot of heat can be lost through the opening. An electric fireplace gives you much more efficiency when heating a room. You can warm up a room quickly and easily and not burn a ton of energy in doing so. This can lead to more savings on energy bills and help you save money in the long run. Now that’s an investment that will get anyone interested.

Low Maintenance - You want to enjoy the fireplace and the many fires you can get from it, not have to work hard. Traditional fireplaces require a lot of set-up before you start a fire with gathering wood to the constant clean up afterward. Additionally, you should get someone to clean out the chimney flue regularly, which means more maintenance. A linear electric fireplace doesn’t require that kind of maintenance. Aside from an annual review to make sure everything is still functioning correctly, you can enjoy the fireplace all year round and not need to do much maintenance at all. The annual maintenance your fireplace may need is simply to ensure that you can enjoy it for years to come, which is why electric fireplaces tend to have long lifespans.

If you have given some thought to having a fireplace as part of your home, you can see how choosing an electric fireplace comes with a lot of benefits. When you want to find a linear electric fireplace that comes at a great price and choose from the largest selection of styles and sizes, you can head to Embers Living to find them.

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