Jun 4th 2019

Why You Should Choose Wood Burning BBQ Grills

When you think of summer, you think of barbecue and grilling and enjoying time preparing and eating food outside. This can be done in many places. For some people, the grill is out by the pool or just outside of an enclosed patio space where people can enjoy some fresh air. For others, an outdoor grill is something that you set up and bring out for occasions when you want to grill and store away when you are not using it. Some grills are built directly into the patio or outdoor kitchen.

Grills come in various styles and types, including gas and electric grills, but choosing a wood burning grill could bring something new and exciting to your barbecue experience. Cooking over wood can give a different taste and flavor to your food and it can be the healthier and safer option too.

Today, we will look at some of the benefits of wood burning BBQ grills and why you should look to purchase one just in time for the summer grilling season.

Easy to Use - Grilling food over burning wood and an open fire can be challenging. Wood burning BBQ grills make that much easier. It is much safer to grill food using one of these BBQ grills instead of open flames and you don’t need a lot of experience to operate a wood burning grill.

Added Flavor - If you know people who are really into grilling, chances are they have talked about the way food tastes when it is prepared using a wood burning grill. Wood burning BBQ grills make it easier for food to hold the flavor for longer. In addition, the smoke that is produced by the grill also enhances the flavor. This is why you will see a lot of people who use wood burning grills use almond wood, apple wood, hickory or mesquite.

Natural Cooking - Wood burning grills also are a popular choice because it is much closer to natural cooking than any other method. Using wood keeps the food closer to the source where it originated. Wood burning grills do not rely on chemicals, so the state of the food stays natural and much more flavorful than using any other method.

Healthier Meat - As mentioned above, using a natural cooking method like wood burning keeps the state of the food much more natural as well. Since this method doesn’t rely on chemicals, the chemistry within the food is not changed. The heat from wood burning grills is also better for your health. The heat kills bacteria that may be present in the meat and the heat cooks the meat fully. Even while cooking the meat to its fullest, you don’t sacrifice any of the juices or flavors.

More of an Experience - Cooking outside is meant to be fun. It provides an opportunity to be around other people while you prepare the food and then share in the food with everyone. Having the right grill in place that produces great flavors in your food can only make things better, since it will keep your guests happy and allow you to enjoy spending time with family and friends more and less time trying to perfect your food.

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