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What is the difference between direct vent fireplaces, and B Vent fireplaces?

Posted by Trevor Andruss on Mar 14th 2017

What’s the difference between the B vent and a direct vent fireplace? What are advantages are there between the two? Well today that’s what we’re here to let you know.

So direct vent systems is going to be a sealed unit and the direct vent pipe is a double walled pipe which means you’re inside pipe is exhausting while the outside pipe is pulling fresh air outside from you’re home and bringing into the fireplace for combustion.

Now what’s the difference between a direct vent and b vent? Well B vent fireplaces usually are open fireplaces so it is going to pull room air for combustion so it’s going to suck air out of your house into the fireplace and it’s going to be a single wall pipe and it can vary in size depending on the fireplace, it just not always flexible and all of this pipe is doing is exhausting.

The difference thus far is installation. Direct vent can go out can go out a side wall or outside of your wall. A B vent must always terminate vertical it cannot never terminate out to side wall.

What are the advantages between the two? Well, Visually, Some people prefer B Vent units because their open they have access to a lot of oxygen and you can generally get a nice big visual flame, but you can also get a nice flame on a direct vent. Direct vent is much more efficient, you’re pulling fresh air from outside of the house. While you’re simultaneously exhausting and gives you more flexibility from an install stand point and most of all direct vent systems are going to heat much better because they are sealed units. When they are sealed they can build up a lot of heat and ceramic glass can radiate a lot heat in the room. Versus B vent you will get some heat out of it but it’s creating a negative efficiency because you’re sucking your fresh air and it’s going out to your exhaust and it’s not a sealed unit so there’s not a really good way to build up heat and retain it and get it out to the room. However the advantage of B vent is some people like the open visual look to kind of a represent more of a realistic wood burning fireplace, they want a nice open look .

So that’s some of the differences if you’re wondering what in the world the differences between B vent and direct vent. Well, that’s the difference.

Hopefully that clears up and helped you at home with you research to know what you’re looking for in the market and what type of a fireplace that really interested in.