Sep 9th 2020

Twelve Great Reasons to Investigate Our Electric Fireplaces for Sale

Traditional gas fireplaces and wood-burning places are probably what most people think of when they think of a fireplace. Additionally, some people have preferences in fireplaces from which they would hardly dream of diverging. Some people really love the smell, sound, and warmth of a wood fireplace. Others love the convenience of a direct vent gas fireplace. These models have their merits, and we provide many of the finest designs on the market here at Embers Living, but we also provide one of the finest collections of electric fireplaces for sale on the web.

If you are interested in adding a fireplace to your interior design and you are interested in investigating your options, you should make it a point to investigate our electric fireplaces for sale. Don’t just take us at our word, however - here are twelve great reasons you might want to incorporate an electric fireplace into the design of your home.

Energy Efficiency

For some people, there’s no way to replace the ambiance of a crackling wood-burning fireplace. At the same time, some estimates suggest that wood-burning fireplaces - and vented gas fireplaces - lose over 90% of the heat they produce through the chimney. In other words, wood fireplaces and gas fireplaces waste a lot of the heat they produce.

Electricity can be used to create heat with up to 99% efficiency, meaning that almost all of the power you supply to an electric fireplace will be converted directly into heat. Electric fireplaces are not only efficient, to begin with, but they send the heat they produce right into the room and many feature blowers to disperse it evenly. That means with an electric fireplace, you can have much more than just looks, you can have all of the functionality of another model of a fireplace and waste less energy doing it.

Provide Great Warmth

To that latter point, modern electric fireplaces are not only efficient at producing heat, they are also very effective at producing heat. It wouldn’t do much good if a fireplace were efficient in producing heat but ineffective at heating a room, and some of our electric fireplaces for sale are simply stellar in that regard.

Check out a model, just as a simple example, like our Dimplex Opti-Myst Pro 1500 60” Built-In Electric Fireplace to illustrate the point. On top of all of the other benefits that an electric fireplace can bring you, it can keep you warm. This fireplace alone brings almost 5,000 BTUs to a set - more than enough to heat most rooms, and adequately at that. An electric fireplace is basically a performance electric heater that looks way better and adds a lot of charm to a room.

No Smoke or Smell

Some people wouldn’t trade the rich, inviting scent of a wood fireplace for the world, but at the same time, there’s hardly any way to get that smell out of a home once it’s gotten in. You might love it, but at the same time, it might not be what you want in order to preserve the resale value of your home.

Regardless of the reason you might want to part yourself from the smell of a wood-burning fireplace, know that an electric fireplace produces no smell whatsoever as it operates. That means you can enjoy the heat and ambiance of a fire without ever having to worry about the lingering smell one might produce.

At the same time, even for those who appreciate the scent of wood smoke, the smoke itself is a bear. Even experienced coalers sometimes create fires that create a bit of a backdraft of smoke into the home, and that smoke can be overpowering and even damage your upholstery or curtains. Get yourself an electric fireplace and you’ll never have to deal with smoke again - or at all.

You Can Install One Almost Anywhere

Depending on where you live, there could be regulations surrounding the type of fireplace you can install in your home, or whether or not you can install one or not. Furthermore, some buildings and interiors can’t accommodate the venting that would be needed for a wood fireplace or for most gas fireplaces. Vent-free models can potentially be a solution in these situations, but they’re blanket solutions either. Maybe you don’t want to make significant alterations to your interior or have an open flame, anyway.

Whatever the reason a gas or wood fireplace wouldn’t work for you, you should realize that you can install most electric fireplaces effectively anywhere. We offer plenty of models of built-in electric fireplaces, wall-mount electric fireplaces, and even inserts, and most of them are compatible with almost any location.

Easy Installation

On top of the fact that you can put an electric fireplace in almost any setting, what’s even better is that in most cases, you can do so extremely easily. Some of our electric fireplaces need to be installed in a specific manner, and you can reach out to us on that. However, many more of them literally plug directly into a standard 120-volt household outlet. For example, some of our electric fireplace inserts can be installed fairly simply and plugged into the wall in your living room.

Adding an electric fireplace literally can be as easy as unboxing one and plugging it into the wall. Of course, some of them can also be hardwired into the circuit so that they offer an enhanced aesthetic, but either way, some of these electric fireplaces really are, actually, “plug and play options.


Since no combustion takes place with an electric fireplace, they present very safe solutions for most interior settings and for a few reasons. In the first place, there is no open flame, which means there is no risk of fire with an electric fireplace, or realistically, even of overheating, provided it is installed correctly. Also, since there is no open flame, you don’t need to worry about popping sparks, which can be a hazard and can require you to put up a screen to protect against them.

At the same time, as there is no combustion, you don’t have to worry about the build-up of gases in your home. Normally, the flue in a fireplace would take care of that, but with models like vent-free fireplaces, you might not want to deal with it. Admittedly, vent-free fireplaces are safe and have automatic shutoffs as well as sensors to gauge the oxygen levels in the room - but either way, if it’s not something you want to work around, an electric fireplace might be the perfect fit for you.

Easy Maintenance

Something else to keep in mind with an electric fireplace is the fact that, since there is no flame, there are zero emissions. That is not just safe, it also means that the maintenance of an electric fireplace is significantly lighter than that of a wood fireplace, or even of some gas fireplaces.

Wood fireplaces produce creosote buildup in the chimney, even with proper oxygen control and when using well-seasoned wood. Electric fireplaces burn no fuel and do not exhaust anything, meaning that they never need cleaning and hardly ever need any maintenance at all.

Use Them Year-Round

Something else that’s great about electric fireplaces is that you can use them all year round in comfort. Allow us to be specific since there’s no reason that you can’t use a gas or wood fireplace in the summer - you just probably don’t want to.

Most electric fireplaces can be operated without heat, which means that if you enjoy the light and ambiance of a fire, you can operate them in the summer or when the temps wouldn’t otherwise cooperate without getting too hot. Unsurprisingly, you can’t “turn on” a wood fireplace without the heat, or a gas fireplace for that matter, but you can do so with just about any of our electric fireplaces for sale.

Set the Mood with Light

Something else that’s great about an electric fireplace is the fact that an electric fireplace, any electric fireplace, offers so much versatility in design and setting the mood. For example, you can’t really easily control the light output from a wood fireplace (without using different woods and changing the airflow, but that’s another matter) and while the flame height of a gas fireplace can be altered, you can’t really control the flames.

With an electric fireplace, you can instantaneously control not only the flame height, speed, and brightness being emitted, but you can also change the color. That means if you need to dim the lights, you can do so with as little as the push of a button. If you want to change the speed of the flames or even alter the color to suit the mood, you can do so with ease. Some models even allow you to add crackling sound effects into the mix, that would be sorely absent, even with the real flame from a gas fire.

Set the Mood with Design

Another great benefit of an electric fireplace is that many of them offer so much more for you to control and customize in terms of aesthetics than just the flames. Check the model we listed above for another illustration of how in-depth and personal you can get with customizing the look of some of our electric fireplaces for sale.

Many other models give you an immense amount of flexibility with the liner and color of the fireplace itself, but this model offers you even more ability to mesh with a setting. You can customize the fireplace with glass media and other media like logs and river rocks to add a lot of character to a setting, even while the fireplace is not in operation. As to the prevailing color scheme of a setting, this fireplace gives you the ability to customize its appeal with crushed glass media in a number of colors. That’s just the tip of the iceberg - many of our other electric fireplaces can offer much more.

Easily Controllable

Something else you should keep in mind with electric fireplaces is that their convenience doesn’t end at any of the points we mentioned above. It gets much better - most electric fireplaces can be controlled from the convenience of a remote control. That’s right, not only can you switch the heat on or off or make instantaneous adjustments to the color, height and sound of the system, but you can do so literally with the push of a button. The same can’t be said of a wood fireplace, and hardly can be said of most gas fireplaces. Granted, some gas fireplaces are fairly convenient, but nothing comes close to an electric fireplace for convenience and immediate control.

Additional Frontage

Finally - and this is not exclusive to electric fireplaces - many of our linear electric fireplaces offer a ton of frontage. While that can be found in many of our other fireplaces, our linear electric fireplaces, some of which are two-sided, offer tons of frontage around which your company will congregate. Fireplaces are a natural focal point, so the more frontage you can offer, the better.

Does this list of reasons to consider one of our electric fireplaces for sale mean that you should definitely add an electric fireplace to your home? Certainly not, but it does mean you should think about it if you are otherwise unsold.

Take some time to look through our peerless collection of fireplaces and heating solutions for your home, which includes but is not limited to electric fireplaces. We offer many amazing gas fireplaces and wood-burning fireplaces in our collection that deserve thought and consideration.

Alternatively, you could give our team a call at 303-800-5659 and we’d be glad to learn more about your unique situation and even make recommendations. Our team has many years of experience providing solutions for homeowners who want to add the function and charm of a fireplace to their home, and we’d be glad to do the same for you. Take a look through our collection, and if you have any questions at all, call our team today!