Jun 3rd 2020

The Advantages of a Direct Vent Gas Stove

There are many ways to heat your home, but few offer the versatility and aesthetics of a high-quality direct vent gas stove. If you’re interested in a way to enhance your home in an affordable way that doesn’t involve dramatic renovations or drawbacks, these beautiful stoves are worth your consideration.

Alternative heating options don’t have to be as boring as a conventional fireplace, and can certainly be much easier to install if you don’t already have one. The best part about a direct vent gas stove is that they are relatively easy to install and incorporate into your home, and can even be used alongside a typical fireplace.

The inclusion of one of these incredible stoves can provide you and your family with a new and enjoyable focal point of your home to curl up near when it gets cold outside. Here are some of the advantages you gain when you utilize one of these stoves rather than other models.

Classic Charm and Functionality

There’s something simple and appealing about a cast-iron stove that seems to greatly enhance any space they are placed in. Their classic charm evokes feelings of a different era, while still providing plenty of modern functionality.

Here at Embers Living, we carry a variety of beautiful and effective direct vent gas stoves that will now only allow you to cheaply heat your home but also transform any room with their classic aesthetics. Many of our models include lifelike ceramic wood logs and other visual qualities that perfectly create the illusion of a real wood fire with none of the hassles.

This is a level of functionality you’re simply not going to get with a traditional fireplace. There is no need to obtain and store firewood, very minimal fire hazard, and far fewer emissions. To add to this, gas stoves allow you the ability to cook if you desire to, which is something that you cannot do with a traditional fireplace. If you want a heat source that is more than just a headache, these cast-iron beauties are where you want to start your search.

Imagine being able to not only have a warm and toasty place in your home that is indistinguishable from the wood burning in a fireplace, yet with far less work involved and far more functionality? This sounds like a dream come true but you can make it happen with the high-quality direct vent gas stoves available in our online catalog.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

You may have been considering a new fireplace or heating system of some kind for your home but have shied away because of the potential installation and maintenance involved, but this is something you don’t really have to concern yourself with if you invest in a direct vent gas stove.

These specialized stoves are not very complicated at all, and require only a minimal amount of work to be done in order to install properly. A professional installation is recommended and can be handled in only a few hours, provided your home is properly suited. There is no reason to think that installing one of these gas appliances will be a burden; quite the contrary, as you will find the process utterly seamless.

As for the maintenance side of things, direct vent stoves such as these require very little in the way of care in order to keep them looking great and functioning correctly. If you have any experience with attending to a traditional fireplace you know how much work is required to keep them and the area around them clean and safe. Chimneys alone are a workload that is not only arduous but costly as well.

Conversely, cast-iron stoves like these require hardly any work at all. You’re going to save a ton of time and money while enhancing your home in a whole new way. If you’re searching for the perfect heating solution that is easy to install and take care of, these gas stoves are exactly the kind of home addition you need.

Heating Option When You Lose Power

One of the best advantages of these stoves is that it is easy to utilize them if you lose power. If your area is prone to losing power during storms, it’s always comforting knowing that you have a guaranteed source of warmth. While many of us do rely on generators for electricity in times such as these, only the most powerful generators are able to power a home heating system, and this is simply not an option for most families.

A direct vent gas stove is an affordable way to ensure that you will always have a reliable source of warmth and light, as well as a means to cook simple meals, if your power is off for any substantial length of time. You can’t get this kind of utility with the vast majority of traditional style fireplace systems.

For the ultimate solution in home comfort, choose Embers Living. The quality products we carry speak for themselves and can completely enhance your home in a multitude of ways. If you are interested in learning more about the heating options we carry or if you have any other questions, you can reach us at 303-800-5659.