Jul 10th 2019

Now is the Time to Add an Outdoor Linear Fireplace

The summer is here and that means time outside. The summer is about vacations and time with family and friends. The kids get out of school for the summer. People take vacations to various places throughout the country, or sometimes just stay at home and take some time to relax, but regardless, it is a chance to take a break and enjoy some of the finer things in life.

A break over the summer could be your week-long vacation or just a weekend staying at home. The bottom line is that when you have the ability to be outside in the nicer weather, you want to take full advantage of it.

One of the ways you can make relaxing outside more enjoyable is with an outdoor linear fireplace. There are so many things to like about outdoor fireplaces, from the aesthetic appeal it brings to the calming ambiance it provides. It could be the addition your outdoor space needs to make it a nightly spot for you to retreat and relax.

Today, we will look at some of the reasons why you should add an outdoor linear fireplace to your space and what it can do for you.

Place Them Anywhere - Linear fireplaces have a lot of flexibility with where they can be installed. You can have a fireplace placed within the wall inside your home. Outside of your home, it may be something more portable or could be a fixed structure that is like an outer wall that houses the fireplace. The options you have for where you are going to place a fireplace is flexible.

Added Style - If your outdoor space needs some work, a fireplace could become the centerpiece instantly. If you have a nice space to begin with, you can finish it off with a fireplace. With so many different styles available that offer various looks from contemporary, traditional and more. Just as a fireplace inside your home helps tie the room together and presents a welcoming atmosphere, the same effect happens outdoors.

Easy to Maintain - Linear gas fireplaces don’t require wood to burn, so there is no residue left behind when you use it. All you need to do is flip a switch and you can start a fire and turn it off in an instant. An outdoor linear fireplace is easy to use and easy to maintain, with very little needed to be done outside of annual maintenance.

A Heating Source - A fireplace is obviously a heating source as well and with an outdoor fireplace, you can make your space a cozy spot for meals, conversation or just a relaxing night with some music on while you rest comfortably at the end of a long work day just by yourself. There may be nights where the temperature drops enough that you feel like you can get some relief from constant air conditioning and just use feel and breath in the natural air. With the use of a fireplace, if you have a night that is on the chilly side, you can stay warm enough to be comfortable at every moment you are enjoying the outdoor living space.

Prolong Your Outdoor Season - During the summer, you may not need your fireplace as a heat source, but as the temperatures drop toward the end of summer and into the fall, you can still be outside enjoying the natural air and staying warm with a fireplace. Essentially, this extends your outdoor living season from the early spring when you feel comfortable going outside to the early to middle of fall when the temperatures finally drop too low for you to sit outside comfortably. But that can give you an extra month or two of time using your outdoor space and that idea should put a smile on your face.

So now that you know what an outdoor linear fireplace can do for you and the benefits it has, it’s time for you to make the investment in one of your own. At Embers Living, we have a wide selection of outdoor fireplaces that will allow you to make the most of the outdoors and find relaxation and comfort.

At Embers Living, we don’t just provide fireplaces and other elements that help you enjoy the outdoor lifestyle. We provide an educational and informative experience that helps you find the right products for you so you can really enjoy your time outside. With our expert customer service team at the ready to help you with all questions and concerns, you will find a fireplace that fits your home style, fits your budget and instantly enhances your outdoor lifestyle.

So start browsing the selection we have at Embers Living and contact us with your questions as we help you make your outdoor space everything you have always wanted and more.