Jul 25th 2019

Get a 60 Inch Linear Gas Fireplace from Embers Living

One of the best enhancements you can make to your home is the addition of a fireplace. It is a sign of comfort, a warm feature in your home, literally, that welcomes people in and gives off a certain ambiance.

Choosing a gas fireplace can be great for your home for so many reasons. You can save on materials, there’s no newspapers or wood that is needed to run it, and it can even be more energy efficient and save you money in the long run.

If you are looking for a 60 inch linear gas fireplace or any other gas fireplace, you can trust Embers Living to supply a great product of high quality at a great price. Before you make your choice for the fireplace you want, you should know a few tips on buying a gas fireplace.

Location - What makes gas fireplaces so great is that you can place them almost anywhere, not just in the traditional locations that wood burning fireplaces would go. Imagine having a 60 inch linear gas fireplace in your living room or maybe a small gas fireplace in your basement or kitchen. Maybe you want to add a fireplace to an office space in your home. The possibilities are endless, and you can even give multiple rooms a fireplace with a see-through or multi-sided fireplace so that more rooms can share in the view of the fireplace. Placement within the house is not the only consideration you have to make. There is also the placement on the wall. Gas fireplaces can be placed higher on the wall like hanging a picture or lower like a traditional fireplace.

Style - There are many styles of gas fireplaces to choose from. There are more traditional models that look like wood burning fireplaces, which feature realistic looking logs, flames and embers. Contemporary fireplaces have more of a modern look using pebbles, colored glass or crystals instead of logs and can be shaped differently than traditional models. Depending on the style of your home, whether it is more rustic or more contemporary, there is something for everyone who wants to add a fireplace to their home.

Pricing - The pricing is one of the most important factors to buying a fireplace. It is certainly an investment and every family will have a different budget. Before you purchase, set your budget so you know going in how much you can spend, then you can pick an appropriate model within your price range. At Embers Living, we have fireplaces in every price range from more elaborate models like a 60 inch linear gas fireplace or just a simple traditional gas fireplace. For many families, there is a desire to add a fireplace, but it has to fit into the budget, so having a variety of options in different price ranges can make this purchase more realistic for families.

Direct Vent or Ventless - Gas fireplaces can be ventless or direct vent. A direct vent system protects the air quality within your home because it has a sealed combustion system that takes outside are and brings it into the home while expelling combustion to the outside. A ventless system uses air from both indoors and outdoors to build the fire and can expel exhaust and other byproducts into your home.

Heat Source - A gas fireplace can also serve as a heating source for your home and that can save you money. By using a gas fireplace, you can heat a large area or heat a room you use more frequently than others. This can mean that you use the heating in your home less and that can bring lower energy bill totals.

Get the best fireplace for you at a price that fits your budget and looks great by choosing Embers Living. At Embers Living, we provide more than just great products, we provide a special buying experience that focuses on helping you stay educated on the products you are looking to purchase.

At Embers Living, we have all sorts of fireplaces, from 60 inch linear gas fireplaces and other gas fireplace models to wood burning fireplaces and everything in between. We also have other products that can boost your outdoor living like gas and electric grills, built-in patio grills, outdoor fireplaces and more.

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