Sep 11th 2020

Four Benefits of Outdoor Linear Fireplaces

There’s one thing you can’t deny about a fireplace, whether your home has one or not. In fact, you can’t really deny the following about a fireplace even if you don’t personally like them. They are gathering places. There is something about fire in general that naturally draws congregation and fascinates it. Even when the fire itself is not the focal point of the company, the company will gather round the fire to appreciate itself.

Even something as rustic and rudimentary as a fire pit will draw the attention of visitors. It is a magnet for congregation and conviviality. It is the same reason why people sit around the fire or the wood burning stove inside, and in fact you can translate this effect to other situations. People gather around the grill outside to talk and joke, and the grill is just another iteration of a fire. In similar ways, people gather in the kitchen while meals are cooking, and the kitchen is simply a metaphorical extension of fire.

It may be because fire is critical to our survival and so we are drawn to it, but whatever the reason, the claim is true. People are drawn to fire, and so fire serves as a focus. On that note, among the many options you will have for the decoration and heating of your indoor as well as outdoor spaces, you shouldn’t discount outdoor linear fireplaces. Here are a few of the benefits that these wonderful fireplaces can offer you, your company, and your home.

More Space for Company

The first benefit of outdoor linear fireplaces is also the most important, and that is that linear fireplaces by their very nature offer more frontage for company to congregate around. Round fire pits and traditional outdoor fireplaces only offer so much frontage, and linear fireplaces more than double it.

Not only can company sometimes congregate around both sides of a linear fireplace, but the extra length can bring more people into the fold. Some linear fireplaces are like a big bonfire that just has much more room for good times. With the right linear fireplace, your company can all be settled in one location instead of distributed throughout the yard.

Easy to Control

For the most part, the outdoor linear fireplaces are extremely easy to control, and some of them can even be controlled very easily from the convenience of a remote control. Even gas models can be instantaneously altered to affect flame height and brightest and so to match the mood.

At the same time, linear electric fireplaces offer so much more convenience than many gas models, especially if you are interested in changing flame height, brightness, speed or color. Sometimes the lighting of a setting has a profound effect on the mood, and linear electric fireplaces can be controlled in more ways than one, making them ideal when the fireplace is a fixture more for ambience than for heat.

Some Can Be Operated without Heat

Speaking of heat, that is another benefit that, specifically, linear electric fireplaces can offer you that some other models cannot. Nonetheless, it is a benefit of some linear fireplaces that cannot be ignored.

Wood and gas fireplaces cannot be operated without heat since that is part and parcel of a fireplace. However, since linear electric fireplaces operate via different principles, you can easily operate them without heat which can be amazing in the summer.

Sometimes the lighting and sound are all you need to compliment a setting, and many electric models can offer you just that. For those hot evenings when the touch of a fireplace is warranted but not the heat, some linear fireplaces can set you up to impress.

Improve the Aesthetic of Your Outdoor Spaces

Finally, some outdoor linear fireplaces can help you vastly improve the aesthetics of your outdoor spaces, especially if you are going for a more modern look. Whereas, some regal traditional fireplaces and stoves work best with colonial or other traditional architecture, modern designs call for modern accents.

Plus, many linear fireplaces can be further refined with decorative accents so that they perfectly mesh with the setting, so whether you want to match them to an exterior color scheme or even something else, you can get the same from some of our linear fireplaces.

Take a look through our collection while you are shopping to see what strikes your fancy and make sure you reach out to our team for more help if you have any questions at all.

We offer plenty of models in our collection of outdoor fireplaces, including gas linear fireplaces and electric linear fireplaces, so there is something for everyone, every situation and every purpose. Investigate them today, and if you have any questions on our products or would like some guidance, get in touch with us as 303-800-5659.