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Benefits of Having an Outdoor Built-In Grill

Dec 18th 2018

Anyone who enjoys indoor cooking probably enjoys outdoor cooking as well. Outdoor grilling can add a whole range of different kinds of food to eat and different ways to cook that will please the palate. There are many different kinds of grills to choose from such as gas grills, ceramic grills, charcoal grills, infrared grills, smokers and more. However, when it comes to style, the main two types of grills used are standalone and built-in.

If you are leaning towards investing in an outdoor built-in grill for your home, here are a few reasons that might help you to make that final decision.

Grilling is a fun experience that can be shared with both friends and family. However, when it comes to cooking, the best way to maximize the fun and make your outdoor grilling experience even better is ease of use. With an outdoor built-in grill, you can easily customize it for maximum benefits. Some of those customizations include adding drawers and burners and customizing the color to match with the decor of your outdoor setting.

More Convenient Cooking
One of the biggest drawbacks of having a standalone grill is that you have you constantly go back and forth from the indoor kitchen to your outdoor grilling space. With a built-in grill, you can customize your outdoor setting with everything you need to make grilling more efficient. You can make counter space to decrease the number of times you have to go back into the kitchen for more food or even eliminate going back into the kitchen at all. You can even add space for an outdoor dishwasher so that you have everything you need all in one easy to reach outdoor space, and with that extra counter space, you have room for your friends and family to sit around and chat while you grill.

Increase Home Value
Most people who own a home or are looking to buy a home are also looking to invest in a grill. If you have a built-in grill included in your outdoor patio space, this eliminates the need for home buyers to have to buy a grill themselves or build an outdoor space for entertainment and relaxation. Most built-in grills are made of stainless steel and can withstand all four seasons so you and those interested in buying your home don’t have to worry about the grill being damaged. If you have decided to invest in a space for a built-in outdoor grill that includes an outdoor dishwasher, drawers, burners, and counter space, you basically have an outdoor kitchen that can be utilized anytime, which can also help to save money when you spend more time cooking outdoors than indoors.

Extend Entertainment Space
Throughout all times of the year, outdoor spaces are great for entertainment. Whether you live in an area that stays warm all year round or in an area that experiences all four seasons, outdoor spaces can always be utilized. For those who live in spring-time weather year long, there is no shortage of outdoor entertainment possibilities. Simply start the grill, gather everyone outside, and enjoy the fresh air as you eat delicious food outdoors. For those who live in areas where temperatures can reach the single digits, having an outdoor built-in grill can be a reason for everyone to gather outside. All you need it some hot beverages, blankets, and an outdoor fireplace and you’ve got the perfect setting for a lovely outdoor winter entertainment space. Lucky for you, at Embers Living, we have a variety of both built-in grills for sale and outdoor fireplaces.

Longer Lasting with Fewer Repairs
Lastly, outdoor built-in grills have a longer life than standalone grills. In severe weather with heavy rain and gusts of wind, standalone grills can be easily damaged. Unless you place your grill in storage or tie it down really well, there is a good chance that heavy winds will knock over your grill and cause irreparable or costly damage. Built-in grills, however, are built into the foundation of your home making it much less likely that any severe damage will occur, and because they are meant to remain outdoors, they are usually made from materials that can withstand all kinds of weather.

At Embers Living, we have all kinds of built-in BBQ grills to choose from. Some of the brands we carry are Majestic, Napoleon, FireMagic, Superior, and Empire. Our goal is to enhance the lifestyle of our customers by providing them with the outdoor products they need for better, more enjoyable living. Along with our grills, we also have outdoor refrigerators, doors, drawers and more to choose from so that you can create the perfect outdoor patio grilling and entertainment space that is customized to your needs. For more information about the products we carry, browse through our online inventory or give us a call at 805-952-5440. We are always here to help you get the best products for your needs, and we’ll even keep an eye on your cart in case you add items that look like they might not fit in with your order. We want you to be happy with your purchase and will do everything we can to make that happen. Order with us online, today!