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A Hearth for All Homes: A Brief Guide to the Three Main Varieties of Fireplaces

Nov 19th 2018

When looking into buying a fireplace for your home, there are some things that are worth considering. After all, you want to be able to use your fireplace to its fullest extent. If you’re interested in buying a fireplace but you’re unsure about what specifically you are looking for, we’ at Embers Living are here to help. We care about keeping our clients informed so that you’ll get the best experience out of owning your fireplace. We love all styles of fireplaces, but we also recognize that each different kind of fireplace has a set of features that appeal to different preferences. For instance, some people may like the look of a fireplace, but want something that is easy to install and maintain. For others, the heat generation of a fireplace is the most important feature. Whatever features you’re looking for, there is a product for you. It’s all a matter of being informed about each product. Here, we’ll touch on some important things to keep in mind with each style of fireplace, making your decision simpler.

Wood Burning Fireplaces
Wood burning fireplaces are the most traditional style of fireplace. When most people picture a classic fireplace, this is what comes to mind. There are a lot of benefits to having a wood-burning fireplace that may appeal to you. One of the most important benefits of wood fireplaces is energy efficiency. Burning wood is much safer for the environment than burning fuel. Wood-burning fireplaces don’t leave much of a carbon footprint at all. With this comes the benefit of lower monthly costs. Because wood-burning fireplaces operate independently of gas or electric, your wood-burning fireplace won’t increase the cost of your energy bills. In fact, they can alleviate some of that financial burden. Wood-burning fireplaces generate a lot of heat. When using a wood-burning fireplace, you have the opportunity to heat your home without touching the thermostat. One last quality that many people find appealing about a wood burning fireplace is the ambiance it brings to a home. With wood, you get the authentic crackling sound and smoky smell that many people look for in a fireplace.

Like any product, however, wood burning fireplaces come with some responsibilities that might not work for everyone. For one, in order to operate a wood burning fireplace, you must have a chimney. Without a properly functioning chimney, smoke cannot be drawn out of the house, which can be hazardous. In addition, with a wood burning fireplace, you can’t simply turn it on whenever you’re ready to use it. This style of fireplace requires you to supply the wood and kindling in order to get the fire started. Wood must remain dry in order to burn, so it’s important to make sure you’re storing your firewood somewhere it will keep dry. When you’re done using your wood burning fireplace, you have to ensure that the fire is put completely out. It is dangerous to leave a wood fire unattended unless it is completely extinguished.

Lastly, wood-burning fireplaces require regular inspections and cleaning. Ash can build up in the fireplace, and this ash must be cleaned. Overall, wood fireplaces are fantastic for those who want the full experience of a classic fireplace and are comfortable with doing maintenance work to keep their fireplace in top condition and working order.

Gas Fireplaces
If the amount of maintenance required for a wood burning fireplace seems daunting, you may be more interested in a gas fireplace. Despite the fact that they are so much easier to operate, they generate a lot of heat. For many, that is the most important feature of a fireplace. What’s more is that you can own and operate a gas fireplace without having access to a chimney. For many modern houses, this is a necessity. Another appealing feature of gas fireplaces is that you can simply turn them on or off at will. Not only is this easier, but it is also safer. Once you’ve turned off the gas, there is nothing left to burn so the fire goes out. A gas fireplace produces a real, tangible flame as a wood fireplace, but the fire can be put out without any extra effort.

Gas fireplaces are incredibly easy to use, but they’re best for practical use rather than aesthetic appeal and are also a great source of heat. If you’re looking for a fireplace specifically as a source of heat, a gas fireplace is an excellent option for you. At Embers Living, we have a variety of gas fireplaces to choose from that will fit into any home. Browse our products or reach out for more information!

Electric Fireplaces
Lastly, I want to touch on electric fireplaces. Electric fireplaces have merits that set them apart from both gas and wood fireplaces. For one, they offer the aesthetic of a cozy fire with a modern appeal. Linear electric fireplaces are increasingly popular as a sleek, modern alternative to traditional fireplaces. They are convenient in that they can be used wherever there is an electrical power source, and they require very little effort in terms of installation and maintenance. You also get the option of projecting a fire without heat, so that you can give off the look of a fire blazing even when you don’t need to heat your home. Electric fireplaces are also great in homes where there are children or pets around. Because the flames are not real, the risks that you’d have to consider with a wood or gas fireplace are eliminated. There is also no risk of irritating smoke emissions.

One more benefit of having an electric fireplace is that you can choose from more visual options than you would with any other kind of fireplace. At Embers Living, we have linear electric fireplaces in a variety of colors. You can opt for something that looks just like a traditional wood burning fireplace, or you could look into something more modern. You also have more options in terms of where you’d like to keep your fireplace, and whether to have it wall mounted or standalone. Just by looking at our selection of linear electric fireplaces, you get the idea that this style of fireplace is incredibly varied and versatile.

At Embers Living, we like to keep a variety of fireplace options available for all of our clients. That is why we have so many to choose from: so that you can invest the best choice for your home. Browse our many options today, read up on product details, and boost the aesthetic of your home with Embers Living!