Lynx Post-Mounted Infrared Outdoor Heater (NG)

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Lynx Post-Mounted Infrared Outdoor Heater (NG)

Lynx Post-Mounted Infrared Outdoor Heater (NG)

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  • Proven durability-robust commercial design, built with stainless steel

  • Intense performance-polished double surface reflector intensifies heat output

  • Proven reliability-designed for improved wind resistance

  • Comfortable configuration-remote wall switch operation with high/low heat selection

  • Tailored fitting-available only with natural gas

  • Copious comfort-innovative technology reduces the center hot spot and distributes heat more evenly

  • Broad coverage-emits a large radius of heat

  • Consistent assurance-direct spark ignition with automatic relighting

  • Tunable response-two-stage output from 46,000 BTU up to 53,000 BTU

  • Comprehensive configuration-includes an electrical kit with a remote switch plate and transformer