Le Griddle French Cooking 41' Stainless Steel Cook Top

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Le Griddle French Cooking 41' Stainless Steel Cook Top Side View

Le Griddle French Cooking 41' Stainless Steel Cook Top

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Enjoy the benefits of healthy, French-style griddle cooking with the Le Griddle propane gas griddle, designed for built-in installation or countertop use. Featuring a professional-style 304 stainless steel griddle surface and components, the Le Griddle 41-inch propane gas Ultimate Griddle offers excellent heat distribution thanks to a 1/2-inch thick enameled cast iron sub-plate below the cooking surface. Three 304 stainless steel U-shaped burners provide 27,000 BTUs of even heat across the entire 1/8-inch thick stainless steel cooking surface. The easy to use push-button electronic ignition system is powered by a single AA battery and features a safety valve and thermocouple to automatically cut off gas supply in case the flame is extinguished. Ventilation cutouts allow proper airflow to prevent gas buildup and overheating, but the internals and cooking surface are well protected from wind interference. Cleanup is easy with the removable griddle plate and grease collection tray, designed to capture oil and fat for simple disposal. 


Model Number GFE105
Cut Out Width 40 1/2
Cut Out Height 5 3/4 inches
Cut Out Depth 16 3/4 inches
Main Burner Material 304 Stainess Steel
Grilling Surface BTUs 27,000 BTUs
Grilling Surface Dimension 41 1/4 x 16 3/4
Fuel Type Propane / Natural Gas
Number of Burners  3