Grand Canyon Quaking Aspen Indoor Vented Gas Logs & Burner

Quaking Aspen
$636.00 - $2,988.00
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Grand Canyon Quaking Aspen Indoor Vented Gas Logs & Burner - Chic White Birch + Alibaster Tones

Grand Canyon Quaking Aspen Indoor Vented Gas Logs & Burner

$636.00 - $2,988.00
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Established in 2013 Grand Canyon Gas Logs was designed to bring quality, realism and American manufacturing back to the hearth industries gas log market. Scouring the South West for the perfect logs, each log is individually cast and hand painted to perfection. Grand Canyon Gas Logs is a combination of the industry's most authentic looking ceramic refractory logs and the highest quality manufactured array of burners. Designed, engineered and manufactured in the United States, Grand Canyon Los craftsman pour American pride into each log and burner they build. Manufactured in the heartland of America, their burners are MDE OF 20 gauge 304 thickness stainless steel and feature a fully welded frame for superior quality that is unmatched in the gas log market. All products manufactured by Grand Canyon Gas Logs carry a lifetime warranty when installed inside your fireplace.


The Story Behind the Stack

Once upon a time, the perfect set of Quaking Aspen timber was discovered in the backwoods of the Northern Arizona Forest by our trusty Log Hunters. This was a truly exciting find, as this stunning variety of tree is named after and known for the mesmerizing fluttering effect its delicate leaves create as they blow in the wind, giving it the appearance that the tree is “quaking” or “trembling”. Now you can enjoy the chic, alabaster charm of this stack from the comfort of your own hearth.

Vented Logs

All Logs manufactured by Grand Canyon Gas Logs are individually cast and hand painted to perfection. All logs are built with a high temperature concrete, ceramic refractory and stainless-steel fiber mesh. Logs installed indoors carry a lifetime warranty and logs that are installed outside carry a 5-year warranty.

Vented Burners

100% American manufactured burners listed and tested to the ANSI standard. Indoor burners feature stainless steel pan construction with metal bar stock and burner pipes. All burner kits include burner, lava rock, black embers, fittings, flex line, damper clamp and vermiculite (LP ONLY). MUST add conversion kit for propane.


18″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″, 48", 60"


2 / 3 Burner Front View and See Through


Vented, Indoor & Outdoor Use


Front View & See Through


Individually Cast Logs Mixed with Ceramic Fiber, High Temperature Concrete, Stainless Steel Fiber mesh & Hand Painted