Electric Fireplaces

Electric Fireplaces

Fireplaces are an essential addition to any home. They are a must for making chilly winter nights warm and cozy. Generally speaking, fireplaces are the spot in our house that becomes witness to our collective memories with our family and loved ones. But, the variety of fireplaces available in the market needs to be clarified.

Electric fireplaces are the safest, cleanest, and easiest to maintain. They are the newest addition to the fireplace family and are better in many senses than their earlier generation counterparts, like gas and wood-burning fireplace.

If you want an electric fireplace or have doubts about electric fireplaces, the search engine has brought you to the right place. At Embers Living, we sell a range of top-brand electric fireplaces. But you will get the best electric fireplaces here and the best information about fireplaces.

Let us walk you through the vital information and considerations to choose the best-suited electric fireplace for your sweet home.


What is an Electric Fireplace?

The first thing you need to understand is what an electric fireplace is and how it differs from traditional fireplaces.

In the simplest term, an electric fireplace is an electric heater designed to mimic traditional fireplaces in look. It can be seen as 2-in-1 equipment that keeps your home warm while enhancing the aesthetic value of your sweet home. An exciting feature of electric fireplaces is that they can be used with or without heat. This means you can have the aesthetic view of a burning fire in a fireplace without adding extra heat when your home is already warm.


What Makes Electric fireplaces the Most Popular Choice?

Electric fireplaces are the most popular choice, and there are many valid reasons behind their popularity.

Electric fireplaces are more environment friendly – One of the important reasons behind the popularity of electric fireplaces is their being environmentally friendly. Unlike their traditional counterparts, they do not have any direct negative ecological impact. They do not produce any greenhouse gases, do not burn fossil fuels, and can be recycled as well.

Electric fireplaces can enhance the aesthetics whole year round – Electric fireplaces can be operated without heat so they can be used to create the fireplaces feel without heating the house unnecessarily. One can have that burning fireplace decorative aesthetic even during the summer months. 

Electric fireplaces are easier to maintain – Cleaning and maintaining wood and gas fireplaces require extra effort. With electric fireplaces, you do not need to worry about collecting ashes, cleaning glasses, etc. Maintaining electric fireplaces is as easy as maintaining other electric appliances like fans.

Electric fireplaces are safer for kids and pets – As traditional fireplaces have a real fire, everything around them gets heated. Kids and pets are sure to get attracted to burning fires and may injure themselves while trying to get near the fireplace. With electric fireplaces, you are safe from any such concerns. Even the glass exhibiting fake fire remains cool, so kids or pets cannot get burned.

Electric fireplaces are more versatile – Electric fireplaces are more versatile. They are available in myriads of options, including wall-mounted electric fireplaces. Available options are exhibiting burning log design, open fire design, etc. There’s no match to an electric fireplace in terms of variety and versatility.   

Electric fireplaces provide an easy option for heat regulation – As discussed earlier, electric fireplaces can be used with or without heat. But, you don’t only have the heat or no-heat options. You can regulate and manage the heat output of an electric fireplace just like you manage your air conditioner’s temperature with a remote.

Electric fireplaces do not require a chimney or any such outlet – As there is no emission in an electric fireplace, you do not require a chimney or any such vents. This allows you to set up your electric fireplace in any room or place in your house.




Of course, it is! Electric fireplaces are the safest, cleanest, easiest to maintain, most versatile, and most environmentally friendly.

Electric fireplaces are versatile, and they come in various shapes and sizes. One can get electric fireplaces suited to their need. One can find electric fireplaces that can efficiently heat small to medium-sized rooms, say up to 400 square feet. You can also get electric fireplaces capable of heating large rooms up to 1,000 square feet. So, while buying an electric fireplace, check its size and heating capacity and compare it with the size of the room you want it to be fitted.

Some tips and techniques can help you get more heat from your electric fireplace without burning extra energy.

·       Get a damper cap installed on your fireplace damper

·       Install tempered window glasses if you think more heat is escaping through your window

·       Make sure your doors and windows are sealed effectively

No fireplace can generate enough heat to warm up your entire house. You need separate fireplaces for different rooms. If you are planning to buy just one fireplace, you can install it in the area where you and your family spend the most time.

Electric fireplaces use approximately the same energy as a heater and electric appliances. Most electric fireplaces run on the standard household outlet.

Yes, wall-mounted electric fireplaces give off heat enough to warm a 400-500 square feet room. They are an excellent complement to a central heating system to create supplemental zone heating in the place of your choice.