Fireplaces have become indispensable items for households in recent days. If you want a fireplace built into your home, you must know about the various types of fireplaces available in the market. The fireplaces vary based on fuel type, design, material, style, and more.


While some fireplaces best warm up a single room, others efficiently heat a whole house for cozy special occasions. Some fireplace types are designed purely for decoration, producing little to no heat. The fireplace may be built into a small or large stone mantle, depending on the space and requirements.


The variety of fireplaces may seem overwhelming, but knowing what kind of fireplace you want and which type will suit your space before you jump to buy a fireplace is significant. Fireplace-for-sale options are readily available online as well as offline in different stores. Depending on your requirements and budget, you can pick the perfect one from the wide range of options available.


How to Select a Fireplace for Your Home?

Firstly, the type of fireplace can be determined based on your choice of fuels that include safety, efficiency, convenience, and cost. Following the fuel type, other important factors to consider include mounting, vent system, display options, etc.

Here is a list of major fireplace types to add to your home.


Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are the most popular and safest type of fireplace in the market. They are cost-effective and easy to install. Electric fireplaces provide the perfect amount of warmth to your place by inner heating coils. There is no real flame that lets you avoid worrying about children or pets getting into the flames.

However, some electric fireplace models come with fans to spread heat throughout the room and have a fake flame to retain the classic fireplace look you love.

Electric fireplaces are highly customizable and available in different models. The most popular ones include entertainment centers, electric fireplace TV stands, and electric mantels.


Gas Fireplace

A gas-burning fireplace will be a perfect option if you want a traditional and cleaner look in your home. Wood-burning fireplaces may look more beautiful, but they require a bit of clean-up. Gas-burning fireplaces look wonderful and are easier to install. Also, they don’t need the installation of a chimney or a vent.

There are two options of gas-fireplaces which include natural gas and liquid propane. Depending on the gas type, you can install a line between the fuel source and the fireplace. There is also a free-standing gas fireplace that utilizes a pipe to install in your home.

Gas fireplaces are also a low-cost option with a direct vent built-in or a ventless built-in. They are highly efficient and an excellent choice to save money on heating utility bills.


Outdoor Fireplace

Although indoor fireplaces are the most common and demanding, outdoor fireplaces find their place in the market. Take your wood-burning activity to the next level outside your home. Outdoor fireplaces provide warmth, create a beautiful ambiance, and an opportunity to roast marshmallows. They are also safe and affordable.

Outdoor fireplaces or fire pits make the best choice for outdoor gatherings. They create a cozy center point for your guests for entertainment and make them have a perfect outdoor bash. If you’d like to opt for outdoor fireplaces, wood-burning fireplaces would make an ideal choice.

Building outdoor fireplaces are also less expensive than indoor fireplaces. They are available in various ways, such as a portable outdoor fireplace, chimeneas, round-bellied terracotta fireplaces, etc.


Choosing the Best Fireplace

Napoleon Fireplaces

While you have an array of fireplace types and models to choose from, make sure you select the best one to build for your home. Napoleon Fireplaces are one of the most trusted and reliable brands that sell high-quality fireplaces at reasonable costs.

Napoleon fireplaces are built of supreme quality with a lifetime use. They keep you warm and safe even during power cuts.

The brand offers all major fireplaces such as gas fireplaces, wood fireplaces, electric fireplaces, and outdoor fireplaces. Napoleon fireplaces are highly demanding and popular with an array of designs from modern to traditional, transitional, and contemporary designs.

Napoleon gas fireplaces provide you with absolute comfort and control at the touch of your fingertips. They are highly efficient and self-contained. They offer endless choices for design and décor and provide both traditional looks with logs and more contemporary looks with glass and other media. 

Their wood-burning fireplaces burn with unprecedented efficiency. They exceed the government’s requirements with state-of-the-art technology and hand-crafted beauty. Napoleon offers a variety of wood-burning fireplace options, sizes, and shapes to meet your warmth and comfort needs.

When it comes to electric fireplaces, Napoleon electric fireplaces are the best, with endless design possibilities. They are the perfect heating solution creating an instant upgrade to your room. Napoleon electric fireplaces can be installed in minutes and spread warmth and comfort straight out of the box.

While electric fireplaces are highly in demand, Napoleon offers high-quality electric fireplaces for every customer’s need and want. They make the best electric fireplaces to fit almost any space, room, decor, build, and budget, from a basic electric log set to an elaborate see-through or 3-sided electric fireplace.

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Fireplace can be chosen best according to your individual needs, likes, and requirements. Each fireplace type has its pros and cons based on its heating capacity, cost, and fuel type. While electric fireplaces are the most demanding fireplaces with easy installation and cost-effective options, gas fireplaces provide a good amount of heat output and are simple to use. Wood-burning fireplaces are best known for their traditional look.

There are various fireplace types available in the market to suit different needs and requirements. The major ones include electric fireplaces, gas fireplaces, wood-burning fireplaces, and outdoor fireplaces.

The cost of the fireplace again depends on each fireplace type and model. They also vary according to shape, size, material, and other factors. Here is the average cost for major fireplace types.

Fireplace Type

Installation Costs

Electric Fireplace


Gas Fireplace


Wood-burning Fireplace


Masonry Fireplace



Electric fireplaces are considered to be the safest fireplace option for families with children and pets. There is no real flame involved in electric fireplaces, making it the safest choice among other types.

All kinds of fireplaces provide warmth and comfort to you. Bring the desired warmth to your home with the best fireplace type that fits your home.