Mendota- FullView Timberline Series

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With legendary Mendota® flames and the most realistic-looking log sets, the FullView Timberline Series creates a cozy, rustic aesthetic.  Available in eight sizes.


  • Choose from a variety of realistic wood logs for a fire base with classic beauty and ambiance
  • Personalize your hearth with one of the largest selections of designer fronts and interior linings
  • Combines today’s high-efficiency green technology with century-old Mendota craftsmanship
  • Backed by Mendota’s Lifetime Limited Warranty

The Mendota® FullView Timberline Series brings you the allure of a natural-looking wood fire. With eight sizes and your choice of log sets, these fireplaces accommodate both your room size and your classic style.


ML39 Timberline

With spectacular flames and realistic log sets, the wide view of the ML39 gas fireplace gives you new possibilities with a design that fits more rooms than ever. Stay cozy and comfortable with 23,000–34,250 BTUH and a 76.2% efficiency rating.

ML39 Specs

ML47 Timberline

Rustic, panoramic views and expansive width—the ML47 brings striking design to large rooms. Completely customize every inch of this hearth with a selection of fronts, traditional log sets and interior linings. Alongside high style, you'll also enjoy high performance warmth with 25,000–41,000 BTUH and an efficiency rating of 70.8%.

ML47 Specs

ML54 Timberline COMING SOON

The ML54 expands the size of your hearth and your expectations. Its extraordinary width and detailed log sets bring fresh design possibilities and legendary warmth to larger rooms. Create a truly captivating and comfortable experience with a range of 25,000–41,000 BTUH and a 70% efficiency rating. 

NEW ML60 Timberline

Go ahead, take a nice long look—the ML60 stretches the definition of luxury even further while still delivering the same handcrafted logs and realistic flames. Alongside a vast, tremendous view comes tremendous warmth with 25,000–41,000 BTUH and a 72% efficiency rating.

ML72 Timberline

A fireplace with epic proportions creates a view like no other. As Mendota's largest fireplace, the ML72's colossal width and realistic logs make a huge statement in even the largest rooms. This innovative fireplace brings you the quality warmth and comfort you expect from Mendota, with an impressive range of 35,000–48,500 BTUH.