May 27th 2019

Tips to Choose and Buy Electric Fireplaces that Fit Your Home

If you’re looking to buy electric fireplaces then you’ve come to the right place. At Embers Living we have over 250 electric fireplaces available in a wide range of styles, from traditional built ins with stately mantels to sleek modern inserts with different colored flames. Whether you’re looking for a classic fireplace to accent your living room or a totally unique statement piece to draw the eye in an entertaining space, you’re sure to find the fireplace of your dreams in our store. Browse our selection of fireplaces by top brands such as Napoleon, Amantii, Dimplex, Modern Flames, and more for the perfect fireplace to meet your needs.

When it comes to choosing your new fireplace, there are a few decisions you’ll need to make. Of course it does well to know what style of fireplace you want, either a traditional style piece with brick accents and perhaps faux logs, or a more modern piece with sleek lines and unique features. But in addition to knowing how you want your fireplace to look, it’s important to know where you plan to install it. Both modern and traditional fireplaces come in built in models, mantel packages, and media consoles, while wall mounts and inserts are typically only available in modern styles. Consider whether you want a protruding mantel or similar shelving unit casing your fireplace, or if you’d like your fireplace to be set smoothly into a wall.

For fireplaces with outer casings you’ll want to explore our mantel packages and media consoles. Mantel packages are more often styled traditionally, with larger square shaped hardwood or stone cabinets surrounding steel fireboxes. If you want to buy electric fireplaces in a classic style such as this, consider models like the highly affordable Empire Breckenridge Vent-Free Firebox Deluxe 32 with Refractory Liner (includes Black Hood) - VFD32FB2. This Empire model is a prime example of the wide range of options available at Embers Living. Choose from two different circulating models, three different hood options, and a wide variety of decorative options to perfectly customize your fireplace to your needs. With three different brick liner options plus one limestone and one black ceramic, the Empire Breckenridge Vent-Free Firebox can be matched to the rest of your home at even the subtlest level. Going beyond visual details, this fireplace is also versatile in installation. The Empire Breckenridge Vent-Free Firebox Deluxe 32 with Refractory Liner (includes Black Hood) - VFD32FB2 features a compact 19 inch deep firebox that makes it easy to install in small spaces without compromising on power, as there is still ample room to install a blower as well.

For people who want to buy electric fireplaces in more modern style mantel packages, there are models like the Dimplex Mimico Opti-Myst Electric Fireplace Mantel in a Black and Rift Grey Finish - GOS40CH-1454RG that break the mold. The Dimplex Mimico Opti-Myst Electric Fireplace Mantel in a Black and Rift Grey Finish - GOS40CH-1454RG features a totally unique cubist design that makes it both a functional display and a bold centerpiece to any room you put it in – quite literally! This asymmetrical mantel is completely finished on all sides, allowing you to center it in a room or use it as an elegant space divider and showcase for your favorite décor.

If functionality is what you’re after, you may also be interested in our media consoles, which come in a wide range of style and storage functions. These fireplaces are built into shelving units, creating a compact, multipurpose furniture piece unlike anything one would expect when picturing a standard fireplace. Examine the Dimplex Elliot Mantel in a Hawthorn Finish with Glass Ember Bed -GDS50G3-1587HT. The long and narrow glass ember bed firebox of the Dimplex Elliot Mantel gives it a more modern appearance without sacrificing warmth or function, while the concealed drawers allow for invisible storage. The model stands 33 ½ inches tall with a subtly curved mantel top that softens the hardline edges while maintaining a dramatic appearance that’s sure to serve as the focal point of any room.

Or if you’re a fan of visible storage and display cases, you’ll want to consider one of the open shelving media consoles like the Dimplex Charlotte in White Finish w/ Diamond-Like Acrylic Ember Bed. Modern models like this one are essentially entertainment centers, designed to display your television and accompanying electronics, while also bringing the homey warmth of a fireplace into your living room or den. With functional shelves and a sturdy surface, the Dimplex Charlotte is a beautiful two in one piece that conserves space and brightens the room.

Finally, we have wall mounted fireplace inserts, which offer no mantles or shelving units and are instead installed into your walls for a sleek and modern appearance. People who buy electric fireplaces such as these prefer them for their clean lines and subtle versatility. Because there are no outer cabinets to install, wall mounted inserts can be installed into almost any room and at a wide range of heights. No matter what sort of fireplace you’re looking to install in your home, you’re sure to find the best fit here at Embers Living.