Mar 6th 2019

Buy Gas Fireplaces Today to Be Ready for the Cold

The weather is different all over the country, but these winter months can bring colder temperatures from coast to coast, East and West, North and South. How you choose to combat the cold and keep your family warm and comfortable in your home can be a big decision. You can heat your home the traditional way with electric or gas heaters, but you may also want a heating option that looks aesthetically pleasing and gives even more of a homey feel than before.

A gas fireplace may be just the thing for you. Fireplaces are timeless and create that special atmosphere for so many moments, whether it is family time around a fire, catching up with old friends, or just spending a night in with your special someone. The choice to buy a fireplace can be one that pays off for many years to come.

Where can you go to buy gas fireplaces that will be everything you wanted and more? Turn to Embers Living to find the best selection of gas fireplaces from the best brands including Superior, Empire, Majestic, Napoleon and so many more, all perfect for adding a nice touch to your home and helping to keep it warm in any situation, whether you want that added layer of heat for when guests are over or just to keep yourself warm during the coldest nights of the season.

Why choose a gas fireplace? There are a few reasons for added convenience that can make your choice of a gas fireplace so much easier. Here are just a few of the benefits to buy gas fireplaces for your home this winter.

Convenience and Ambiance - Everyone likes the look of a fireplace, but a wood-burning fireplace can be more difficult to operate because you need to get wood and light it and let the fire build. That is not the case with a gas fireplace. With the push of a button, you can start a fire. It’s that easy. Some fireplaces have even added more convenience by including remote controls, timers that can automatically turn off the fireplace and fans that can create more circulation throughout a room. Additionally, a fireplace is just welcoming to look at, even if you do not use it all that often. There is something that has always been pleasing about seeing a fireplace and it creates an ambiance that is warm and friendly and relaxing. Those are certainly all great benefits to having a fireplace.

Realistic Look - By having a gas fireplace, you are skipping the step of collecting wood like you would for a traditional wood-burning fireplace. Sometimes when you look eliminate a timely step like that, you sacrifice the quality you get. That’s not true with gas fireplaces though. The fires produced from the gas fireplace look very realistic, as if coming from a wood-burning fireplace, and it helps to create the right look and feel. Even ceramic gas logs have started to become more accurate in design with a wood-like exterior and glowing embers that make everything look very authentic.

Many Installations Options - A wood-burning fireplace requires a lot of planning. There is masonry that is involved and a chimney needs to be built that connects to the concrete at the base of the fireplace that holds it all together. With gas fireplaces, you get much more flexibility and have greater options for where you can install in your home. There are gas fireplaces that require very little space and even vent-free units that don’t require the need for a chimney.

At Embers Living, you can find the exact fireplace you are looking for in whatever variety you desire. If you crave the wood-burning sensation and the smell of wood burning, then a wood-burning fireplace may be the better option for you. But for many people, limited space make gas fireplaces the better option and make it very convenient to add that element to your home. What better place to go to buy gas fireplaces than a place like Embers Living that specializes in fireplaces and outdoor living and knows the ins and outs of all products and solutions?

That is the mission here at Embers Living. We want to find the right fit for your lifestyle. Sometimes that requires a bit of learning and we are happy to answer your questions so you get the right product the first time. All of our products are sold by Embers Living personally and we put a focus on a fully immersive shopping experience that will also help educate you on products, especially if this is your first venture into buying gas fireplaces. So start looking at the wide selection to find the fireplace for you and feel free to contact us with any questions. We want you to find the perfect fireplace for you so that you stay comfortable and warm this winter.